This is the secret to Kareena Kapoor's glowing skin

This is the secret to Kareena Kapoor's glowing skin

Giving a glimpse of her in-house skincare routine, actor Kareena Kapoor Khan on Thursday shared a brief video clip on social media and revealed her ‘Summer essentials.’

The 39-year-old star took to Instagram to share her love for 'Messy bun, Kaftan, and homemade masks." Kareena posted a video where she has her face pack on while taking selfies.

On Kareena's Instagram, makeup-free selfies with skin covered in blemishes and freckles are always on full display that have been taboo for many actresses who wouldn’t dare post a photo without wearing coverup or a filter.

If you too are want to have clear and flawless skin like Bebo’s, then ditch those pricey face creams and try some facepacks made your ingredients found in every kitchen. Here are some easy DIY homemade masks you can try at home during this lockdown:

DIY face masks

Honey face mask: Best suited for all skin types, the naturally moisturising honey mask helps lighten skin tone and cleans the pores, leaving you glowing. Rinse face with lukewarm water and apply honey all over for twenty minutes. Remove it with a wet towel or sponge soaked in warm water. Then wash with cold water as it helps close open pores of skin. A tablespoon of lemon juice or one part of cinnamon powder to three parts of honey, or even egg yolk of an egg with two tablespoons of milk can be used to obtain even better results.

Image by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay

Tomato and Honey detox mask: Women who have regular acne, blackhead or other such skin problems can benefit greatly from this mask. Mix two tablespoons of tomato juice with one tablespoon of honey, and apply it on your face. Leave it on for 25 minutes before rinsing it off. This soothing face mask is an amazing overall beauty session for your face that you can indulge in at home.

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Banana face mask: Say goodbye to dry and dull skin with a banana mask. Mash a banana and add a tablespoon of honey and two tablespoons of sour cream in it. Now, mix this and apply the paste on your face. Let it dry for 15-20 minutes before rinsing it off. This pack will help to restore your face’s lost moisture. What’s more? It will unclog your skin pores and allow them to breathe.

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Oatmeal face mask: An oatmeal mask has a drying effect on skin and absorbs extra oil from the pores and also cures itchiness on the skin and several other skin problems. Blend oatmeal and add hot water to it, the paste thickens in a few minutes. Add a teaspoon of honey, a tablespoon of lemon juice and two teaspoons of yoghurt. Apply this paste evenly on your face, when the facial mask completely dries and tightens around your skin, rinse it with lukewarm water.

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