'This one's on God': Woman orders food from Sonic, escapes without paying

A New Mexico woman was charged with robbery for stealing food from Sonic and telling the employee, "This one's on God."

A New Mexico woman with a hankering for Sonic, left the bill to a higher power, reportedly telling the restaurant employee, “This one’s on God” before she took off.

According to Las Cruces Sun News, local resident Delila Hernandez, 30, rode her bike to the fast-food joint this week and placed an order. When the server told her the amount she owed, Hernandez allegedly said, "This one's on God."

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The employee replied, “That’s not how this works” and refused to give Hernandez the food. But she allegedly lunged at him to grab her order.

Fearful, reported Las Cruces Sun News, the employee handed over the food and called the police.

Officers from the Las Cruces Police Department later found Hernandez in a park eating her stolen lunch. Hernandez reportedly told the police that she understand her actions were wrong and was reluctant to eat the meal, but did so because she was “starving.”

According to court documents viewed by Yahoo Lifestyle, Hernandez will be charged with robbery. Although Roxanne Garcia-McElmell from the Third District District Attorney's Office told the Las Cruces Sun News that Hernandez may receive only a petty misdemeanor charge of $250 maximum and be forced to reimburse Sonic for the food.

A Sonic representative tells Yahoo Lifestyle in a statement, “On July 22, a woman took food from the drive-in without paying. The franchisee who owns and operates this location is not seeking reimbursement for the food and considers the matter closed, but is cooperating with local police as necessary.”

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