This SRK interview about his lady bodyguards will leave you in splits

That Shah Rukh Khan is a gentleman needs no validation. After making us smile with his sweet Women’s Day post, the actor has won our hearts yet again by his noble gesture of hiring lady bodyguards to manage his female fans.  At the recently held India Today Conclave, the actor spoke about how he found it rude for his female fans to be pushed aside by male bodyguards, and hence made the decision to hire lady bodyguards. So sweet and thoughtful of you, Mr. SRK! 

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The event saw SRK at his wittiest best, as usual.  Referring to his female fans, he said, “Women have long nails and their love hurts.”  He jokingly revealed how he often has to explain to his kids and wife as to how he gets scratch marks on various parts of his body.

The actor also revealed the golden rule of being famous, that is to ensure that they smell good, brush their teeth and make sure their hair is soft before stepping out of the house. Smelling bad would act as a spoilsport for anyone who tries to hug them, including fans.

Furthermore, King Khan took a sly dig at how some fans throw themselves at him and how a few days ago his car ran over a journalist’s foot who was trying to get his pictures. Though, he was also quick to retort that his statement should not be taken seriously.