This trick of the needle in a banana is super handy

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Photo by SHVETS production from Pexels
Photo by SHVETS production from Pexels

You make a slicing action, and the peel breaks in two, thereby, and the banana turns into an ultra-secret guppy delicacy inside. This simple magic trick is appropriate for children because it doesn't require much preparation and has no gimmicks. Have an adequate supply of food available, so you have something to eat even if you don't have an appetite.

Also, for very young children, an adult should help them out by working alongside them, but they can put on the act of doing it. You'll need to do some practical training for this to go smoothly.

The following are the equipment and tools you'll need to finish the task:

  • Straight pin

  • Banana

Preparing instructions:

  • Pin where you'd like the banana to be, and keep the pin in place until you have created the hole.

  • When you're expanding a cluster of bananas horizontally, you should shift the pointer horizontally to create two sets.

  • You may want to start the whole process if you want to cut the banana into more pieces. Bend the pin as needed, and push in the locations where you'd like to stop.

  • Instead of creating damage to the banana peel, the trick is to have the blade go through the banana while pinning it in place.

  • At the final moment of the entire process, the banana will smell and taste as if it had never been peeled.

  • But it is quite a task to get through the skin and the tissue to discover all the pinholes in a perfectly prepared banana, so the spectators; might as well miss them.

Show the banana to your spectators:

The bottom layer will separate or the peel with apparent ease and fall apart into sections to the ground. If you happen to have the skill to work any tricks, then concentrate on the peel, and perhaps the inside will spontaneously do the same. This is where the fun begins. Don't be hesitant to show it off; take it easy on your magic trick and make it more enjoyable.

Peel off the banana:

You've finished your 'flashy side' of things, so you're good to go with the big reveal. They can now hear the sound of a loud tearing as if you have ripped the banana in half while holding it in your hand. What you've said to the audience, but they refuse to accept it.

Start peeling the banana gradually to reveal that it's already been sliced within the skin!

Additional trick:

  • A few ways of preparing a banana, using a needle and thread, can be used in addition to the traditional methods.

  • By carefully pinching one side of the banana, or cross-threading the needle with twine, push the needle up into the skin while keeping it parallel with the skin.

  • You can re-insert the needle anywhere it surfaces and proceed around the banana skin's circumference. Primarily, you're circling the banana from inside its skin so that it's the thread that surrounds it.

  • You then split the banana into two by pulling the string via the flesh, slicing the same into half.

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