Throwback: These 13 Bollywood Star’s Rare Clicks Will Make You Feel Twice Your Age!

manjari mukherjee

India is known for a larger part through its Bollywood industry. A huge platform that makes it an identifying factor of our country. Well, that very Bollywood has become a huge part of our lives, today, we can’t imagine our lives and future without the presence of Bollywood industry, its gossip stories, media and of course our endearing stars and celebs.

These stars and celebs have made Bollywood what it is today! Celebs like Shah Rukh Khan, Madhuri Dixit, The whole Kapoor family right from Raj Kapoor to Ranbir Kapoor, Salman Khan, Sanjay Dutt and also the iconic actresses of today! We’ve come a long way ahead, but it’s always good to look back once in a while to gauge our growth and gaze at the past. The past was glorious indeed, and to show that we’ve got 13 clicks of our Bollywood stars that will make one feel twice their own age but also take them on a nostalgic ride!

Here are those iconic ten clicks from Bollywood industry:

Ajay Devgan was always the ‘Singham’, no matter which age!


Now. we know why Anil Kapoor still looks so young and handsome!


That iconic haircut and that perfect smile, you can just make out Aishwarya Rai, the most beautiful!


The whole Dutt Clan, together, what better way to celebrate the biopic ‘Sanju’!


Definitely, one of the most heart-warming clicks of Sanjay Dutt and his mom, Nargis!


Now, that’s how far chocolate boy Shahid Kapoor has come!


We miss her, always, but here’s the legendary Sridevi with her parents!


Crying or smiling, Ranbir Kapoor was always a heartthrob!


Now, that’s what we call couple goals- Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan!


She was always terrifically talented, even when young! that’s Kangana Ranaut for you!


A duo in an iconic frame! captured- Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan


A family never seen more stronger than this- The whole Kapoor clan!


Now that’s the powerful director and actor duo- Karan Johar and Shah Rukh Khan!

Well, these pics definitely takes you on a trip back into the past of our huge Bollywood industry. The years gone by show you just how far we’ve come from our old selves!

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