#ThursdayThrowback: Bhumi Pednekar’s Awe-worthy Transformation Is Our Daily Motivation!

manjari mukherjee

Bollywood’s one of the most versatile actress Bhumi Pednekar has given us some much-needed GOALS not just with her persona and acting chops but also her amazing physical transformation in the past!

It is very much known that when Bhumi Pednekar had given her awe-worthy debut performance in bollywood, with the movie Dum Laga Ke Haisha, opposite Ayushmann Khurrana. The actress was give the lead role of an overweight, married woman. However, Bhumi wasn’t always overweight, but throwing caution to the wind, Bhumi would rather have the golden chance to debut in Bollywood rather than think about gaining 23kg or her appearance. And, that’s GOALS!

In an industry which totally goes overboard when it comes to weight, figure and appearances, Bhumi was definitely a breath of fresh air! Not just with her talent but also her attitude to life and her being a female actress in Bollywood, made her GOALS! For the next course of six months, Bhumi was all about gaining weight for her role since signing-up the film as she simultaneously continued her job as a casting director at Yash Raj Films.

However, once the successful debut was done, Bhumi didn’t waste her time on getting back in shape, but she did it without giving up her most cherished favourite food items or going for over-the-top physical therapy. All Bhumi did was go natural and, stick to her own instincts for her body! Well, here’s a throwback to what all her goals-worthy fitness regime worked on:

Spilling about her own reasons for the weight-loss she said, “I started developing health problems. My back and joints started aching… My diet was unhealthy. I don’t have a problem with being overweight. That’s fine. But there’s a thin line between being unhealthy and overweight, I was a regular Indian girl who would wear large and medium sizes… But with the added weight, I couldn’t restrict myself as an actor… We don’t have a lot of great scripts written for plus-size women.”


Now, that’s something we don’t really see in many, rather than losing weight for some reasons of appearance, Bhumi took to the gym only for health reasons. With a healthy approach to weight-loss, she only set goals that ensure her a healthy lifestyle rather than a size-zero! From the time her debut film had released to now, Bhumi is a pro into understanding what her body needs. She made it a gradual process rather than rushing through her ‘unplanned’ regime.


Earlier in an interview  she spilled forth, “Honestly, I didn’t have a plan. I tried to do it by myself. I told myself, if it didn’t work, I’ll get professional help. But I didn’t start out by going to a dietician or a nutritionist. I’m not against it… But back then, I just knew that I would have to invest in physical hard work.” Pednekar says “it was 60 per cent workout, and 40 per cent diet. I started with an hour at the gym. Then I started playing badminton and simultaneously increased my hours at the gym. There are times where you want to lose weight, and then there are times where you just don’t care. I realised it has to be a combination of both.”


Talking about how she never let go of her favourite food items, rather made sure to have them to give her that much needed motivating push, she said, “I had the yummiest food. I believe a good chicken breast, if made well, is the best thing ever. I just picked healthier options. I quit wheat and refined sugar. I switched to whole grains. If you want to eat rotis, eat jawar ki bhakri. The Indian meal is the most balanced meal there is. I’d have one roti for dinner, and two rotis for lunch, and a cup of brown rice. I would put jaggery or honey in my tea. I would also eat rajgira… My only nutritionist was my mom,” she says.

Well, this definitely serves us as an eye-opening example, that not all weight-loss is gained through vigorous and over-the-top investments. Small physical activities that also serve as great recharging thearapy like swimming, cycling, skipping or just plain running helps in reducing stress and body weight. While cutting down on carbs and quantity of food rather going for severe diets helps in retaining health yet achieving the goal of consuming less to no fatty food.

*As an added tip: take in lots of water and detoxifying liquids that keeps the body hydrated and doesn’t cause side-effects from sudden or any weight-loss regimes.*

From overweight, married woman to a village-girl to now, essaying the role of a grandmother- Bhumi Pednekar is indeed GOALS!

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