Tiger Shroff tells us about his toughest challenges in giving the best action sequences!

Rajendra Pal


Tiger Shroff has never left a chance to wow the audience and has always ensured to put his craft in serious practice. Giving such power-packed action scenes, the Youngest Action Superstar shares his own challenges and hurdles faced.

BAAGHI 1: Chasing the final win!

The market sequence was the toughest and the fact that we couldn’t have many rehearsals as we were in the streets of Bangkok. Some things I figured out, that I could jump from point A to B easily. The building scene as every floor up, I had to fight the fighters of different nationalities specializing in their own skills and it was all real. There was a lot of ‘give and take’ involved.

Baaghi 2: Sweating in the hot and humid Krabi

We shot in the hot and humid Krabi. It was more difficult as we were shooting in a jungle. There is a scene where I am flying using a rope holding a gun in one hand. It was difficult as I had to maintain my posture and expression. In the other scenes, I had to shoot with both guns and in some, I had to fight with knives.

WAR: When Hrithik and Tiger collide.

My introduction to the film itself was me fighting for two and a half minute action sequence and I had to be extremely careful as to when I had to jump, pull the chandelier. It had to be perfect as the scene was shot in one take itself and not multiple takes. The final scene was fighting against Hrithik Roshan sir so the pressure was more as I was fighting my own hero.

Baaghi 3: Challenging my own limits and going all out

We completed an entire 150 days of a shoot in just 70 and the fact that we had to shoot at a temperature of -7 degrees. This wasn’t much difficult for me as my body was properly warmed up in between shots but after they cool down, it was very difficult. I had to rest for one hour, take a shower and then go for a physiotherapy session every day before calling it a night.

Tiger will be seen next in Baaghi 3 releasing on 6th March 2020 produced by Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment and directed by Ahmed Khan. The next being Heropanti 2, which will release on 16th July 2021.

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