Tiktok’s innovative features let users showcase creativity!

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By Krina Gindra

Social media these days aren't just what they used to be, just to connect with your few friends and having a chit chat in your free time. They have evolved into something really vast and their meaning is getting defined differently. Whether you are a student, an artist, a working mom, looking for a job or retired, Social media is the way to tell the world your story and to connect to people in a more organized and impactful manner if planned and targeted appropriately.

Facebook took the world by storm!

There were days when Facebook took the world by storm by easiness to connect to anyone with a single click and to be able to converse on an interestingly designed platform, that was engaging and provided reach like never before. The days of good old boring emails were seemingly the dust of the past.

People started posting their views, what was on their mind and also sharing pictures and videos, hence they started building an online community, which was all ears to them, they were "their people" and they all started to craft their own niche.

Trending stories on Internet

Then came the Internet Boom and we saw "trends". Everything came with their unique selling point and would swoop away the consumer base like a hurricane. Well, that's how Social Media Marketing works. Now Companies are able to catch their user's attention, turn him/her into potential customers and work for their retention and loyalty towards the brand.

But all of these social media platforms, the one platform that rose to the seventh sky by all its fiery wits and trashed every other video sharing platform is TikTok.

Biggest rage today: Tiktok!

TikTok is a video sharing platform that lets you create short music videos, it's kind of Karaoke for the digital age. It utilizes lip-sync techniques incorporated in songs and various other audios. Some of its main attractions are: "Almost requires zero budget, more creative freedom, an extensive userbase, global and of every demographic in terms of age, sex, interests, and geography."

TikTok' s uncommon development has raised its profile among advertisers because of its simple to-utilize, content-centered investigation, and capacities that make it an extraordinary device to target more youthful purchasers and fabricate brand mindfulness.

Taking into account that the youthful online networking organization as of now brags more than 800 million establishments and half billion dynamic clients as of October 2018, it’s little shock that brands have been giving nearer consideration to the application.

Be that as it may, those of us who approach TikTok as we would some other online life stage are, as I would see it, turning out badly. While it might before long pursue the way of such a significant number of other online networking stages – offering promoters exceptionally focused on, information controlled and content-based publicizing openings – it hasn’t yet arrived.

What’s unmistakable is that TikTok is an exceptionally captivating system developing exponentially and well known with more youthful customers – 60% of month to month dynamic clients of the application in the US are 16 to 24 years of age – a partner that has demonstrated to be amazingly hard to reach by means of customary types of publicizing.

At any rate, when utilized well TikTok offers advertisers an innovative brand mindfulness apparatus. We should take this as a golden opportunity and cash it.

The author is Founder, Squadk.in. Views expressed are the author's own.