It's time to welcome Talented Actor and Trainer Richard Ji from the UK in Bollywood

We have seen people from India looking to work in the UK and USA and other top countries around the world. But now things are changing, India too is becoming the place where people are coming to make their life in various fields. The most favorite field for any outsider is 'Bollywood' which is a perfect destination to get a name and quite possibly, fame.

We spotted an English Lad, who is in a current Buzz for many things he done in Bollywood in just a short span of time. Richards main work is being a personal trainer specialising in gymnastics and calisthenic and he has been a personal trainer for stars like Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor, Sushant Singh Rajput, Harshvardhan Kapoor and many more. With Arjun being a very close friend of his for many years!

Believe it or not, he is an actor too and has worked in four Indian movies that too in a very short period of time, which includes Fan with SRK and Karwaan with Irfan Khan.

He is from a little known town in the UK called Huddersfield, England and has fantastic styling sense and looks. He's also a fantastic hockey and tennis player having played for England at junior level hockey.

But without doubt, Richard's best attribute is his comic timing. It’s simply amazing, and he's making lots of buzz due to that in Bollywood. Something remarkable is how he is learning hindi whilst making humourous videos on Instagram using his comic timing. Something you don’t get to see every day! We think he’s going to be one of the next big stars!

Moreover, ware going to see a documentary about him at the end of this year called "Rich in Bollywood”. A documentary about his life in India up til now, training celebrities and going about his life in Mumbai. We spoke with him and he said he eventually wants to grow in Bollywood, and his dream is to become the first lead actor in Bollywood, who is not an indian but belongs to a foreign land!

Richard has that face and acting skills which can make him a superstar of Bollywood. Once his talent will be able to catch the attention of any of the big production house or director, he will definitely be able to achieve what he wants and will definitely gain success as a lead actor in our Bollywood.

Here's wishing excellent trainer of Bollywood Richard Ji all the best and we hope that he makes his way in Bollywood and one day we see his name on the top list of best actors in B-town.