Timeless Jaisalmer: A royal rendezvous this Diwali

The Crown Prince of Jaisalmer, Chaitanya Raj Singh and the Princess of Orissa, Akshita M Bhanj Deo have designed art installations that celebrate the legacy of their historic kingdoms. Titled ‘Timeless Jaisalmer’, Chaitanya Raj Singh’s installation juxtaposes fossils from various structures that represent Jaisalmer’s rich cultural heritage against a hemp canvas that symbolises contemporary innovation and the gradual turn towards sustainability.

The installation opened on October 15 at Phoenix Marketcity Kurla which is celebrating Diwali with an artistic ode to India's Royal Heritage. Speaking to Free Press Journal, the Jaisalmer Crown Prince shared, “The inspiration of my installation was celebrating Jaisalmer, celebrating hemp and celebrating myself through this art piece. The legacy of Jaisalmer is timeless, just like the fossils which have been formed over millennia on Jaisalmer’s sandstone and hemp. Jaisalmer is our clan’s ninth capital so there have been many capitals before that.”

Sharing more insights, the Princess of Orissa, Akshita M Bhanj Deo revealed, “I think the royal décor theme was well incorporated by Phoenix Marketcity, Kurla; given the use of peacock, folk instruments – shehnai and sitar. Also, Mayurbhanj is known as the land of peacocks and it is our national bird which was integrated into the décor by the mall. We should look at the contribution that our traditional artists and artisans have made to the rural economy. Working with the Crown Prince of Jaisalmer - Chaitanya Raj Singh, who is also my first cousin, was a great way to reconnect with my roots from Rajasthan and do an installation with him. We have collaborated in the past and we both were debutants at Le Bal des Debutantes, Paris; with him being the best cavalier in India!”