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Kareena Kapoor

While the world congratulated ISRO on the success of Mangalyaan mission, Kareena Kapoor Khan couldn’t be less bothered. On asking (in Hindi) how she felt about India’s monumental feat, she received the question with a shocked “What – What – What” (whatever happened to, ‘I’ sorry’, ‘Could you come again, please’ or ‘I beg your pardon’) and demanded that the question be asked in English. But doesn’t she work in Hindi movies after all? Clearly she was ignorant of the situation and tried saving face with an “I also want to go to space.” Well, you might need a tad bit more IQ, but given the embarrassment you put yourself through we understand your desire to hide in oblivion.

When Indigestion of Knowledge and Common Sense Led to Bollywood Brain Farts

Don’t go by the glamour, for some Bollywood personalities can be sillier than you may have ever guessed.

We don’t even have to include Alia Bhat, for there are senior actors and directors who are running for the office of Ignorance in B’town.

And you thought some of them were really wise?