Tina Knowles says she 'would love' to design costumes for a rumored Destiny's Child reunion

Tina Knowles Lawson talked motherhood, mentoring, and social media with Yahoo Lifestyle at Beautycon in Los Angeles. (Photo by Prince Williams/ Filmmagic)

Tina Knowles — Ms. Tina to her most ardent fans — is mother to Beyoncé and Solange, but hit records impress her less than her daughters’ passions for their own children.

On Saturday, Knowles was a featured speaker at Beautycon Festival LA, a two-day trade show offering the latest in makeup, Instagramable art, and panel discussions with beauty influencers and celebrities in Los Angeles. At the conference, Knowles, who recently won an award for founding the WACO Theater Center and its youth mentorship program Tina’s Angels, hosted a fireside chat about empowerment.

“The girls I mentor are so resilient — some have been through pure hell but they can snap back with attention and love,” the 65-year-old fashion designer tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “It’s amazing to me, the strength that you can find within yourself no matter the obstacles.”

As the mom to two Grammy-winning superstars, Knowles has experience helping young girls meet their potential. When Beyoncé and Solange were little, Knowles took quality time seriously, giving each girl uninterrupted attention on their own reserved day. "As Solange got older, I would spend Wednesdays with her and help with homework and do those types of things and just devote that day to her, and then one day to Bey,” Knowles said in June during the Summit21 conference in Atlanta.

Tina Knowles designed the colorful clothing Destiny's Child. Pictured L - R: Kelly Rowland, Tina Knowles, Beyonce, Michelle Williams. (Photo: Getty Images)

And she’s proud of her daughters for passing on her parenting method. Beyoncé has three children with husband Jay-Z — Blue Ivy, 7, and twins Sir and Rumi, 2 — and Solange has a 14-year-old son named Daniel with her ex-husband Daniel Smith.

“They practice a lot of the things that I did with them [growing up],” Lawson tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “As far as spending time [together], Solange has one child and Beyoncé has three, and I’ll see her with Blue going to a premiere or spending a day with her, and then she has time with the other kids. So they did take that [from me] and I’m really proud of them.”

Her discipline tactics are also handed down. Knowles told Us Weekly that Beyoncé has a no-spanking policy. “...Just really talking to the kids and reasoning with them. I can say, [she] pretty much has my parenting!”

And if rumors of a Destiny’s Child reunion are true, Knowles is here for fashion tips, having designed many of the group’s colorful, matching outfits. In August, a source told the U.K. Sun that Bey is “desperate” to reunite the chart-topping group which announced its disbandment in 2005.

Tina Knowles raised two fierce daughters in Solange and Beyonce. (Photo: Getty Images)

While Kelly Rowland seemed surprised by the report, telling ET on Saturday, "That was news to me, just as much as it was to you! I was like, 'Oh! My god, a tour is happening! Someone call me.'" and Knowles denied having an “inside scoop,” her sketch board is ready.

“Would I design for them? If they allow me,” Knowles tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “They’ve outgrown me over the years, so they might not want me to do it. I would love to do at least one outfit for them.”

Right now, Knowles will stick to running her own Instagram page with 2 million followers, who get a kick out of her “Corny joke time” segment, despite Beyoncé having asked her mom to tone it down. The hilarity includes wisecracks such as, “What do you call a fake noodle? An im-pasta” and “Why was the baby strawberry crying? Because his mom and dad were a jam...a jar of jam.”

Knowles tells Yahoo Lifestyle that she collects jokes everywhere she goes, but “I can’t give you my sources.” However, she reveals that the tradition is a tribute to her late brother who told “terrible” jokes that made everyone happy.

“People responded like crazy, so I kept on doing them,” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “They’re fun and lift people’s spirits.”

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