Tips To Ensure Your Eye Make-up Stays Put In The Rains

Monika Khajuria

A full face of make-up in the monsoon seems like a bit of a stretch and so we choose to keep it to our eyes. But the monsoon rains make it a constant struggle to keep the eye make-up stay put. The fear of bleeding mascara and ruined eyeshadow is far too real to do nothing about it. While waterproof eyeliner and mascara work as a great quick fix, you cannot make your entire routine rain-proof. Cue in these amazingly simple tips to ensure that your eye make-up survives the horrible rain showers of the monsoon.

Use A Primer

We cannot stress enough on the importance of using an eye primer. It makes the application process smoother and also helps to increase the longevity of your eye make-up. The eyeshadow sticks to your primer and your eyeshadow is locked in place.

If you do not specifically have an eye primer, your concealer can work as an excellent replacement for it. Just dab a little concealer all over your eyes before applying the eyeshadow.

Use Cream Shadow

Powder eyeshadow are great to work with and create all kinds of looks. But it is the cream shadows that have the ability to survive the monsoon rains. So, as much as you can stick to cream eyeshadows. If you do not have a cream eyeshadow with you, mix some petroleum jelly with your powder eyeshadow to create your own DIY cream eyeshadow that will work just as great.

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Pack Your Eyeliner With Eyeshadow

Considering the weather, waterproof formula is going to be our go-to eyeliner. But, sometimes even that isn't enough. To make sure your eyeliner is absolutely budge-proof, use this simple trick of packing on black eyeshadow on your eyeliner. After your eyeliner dries down, using an eyeliner brush dab some black eyeshadow over your eyeliner with precision. It intensifies the pigment of your eyeliner and locks it in place.

Opt For Eyeliner Looks

Have you ever tried using eyeliner to create your entire eye look? We are sure you must have tried it! A smart solution to making your look rain-proof is to use just the eyeliner pencil to do a smokey eye or an uncanny eyeliner look perhaps. If you want to be more sure, use a black eyeshadow to lock things in place just like you would with your eyeliner.

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Eyebrow Gel To The Rescue

Eyebrow powder often fails us in the humid weather of monsoon. The bleeding brown colour of our eyebrow product is not a pretty sight to look at. And that is why we love brow gels so much. Brow gels are wax-like product for your eyebrows that keep your brows in place and the powder intact. What more would we want!

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