Tips for fuller, thicker lashes

Arm yourself with these easy remedies and tricks for dramatic va-va-voom lashes.

Brush your lashes
This might be a little basic, but trust us it helps. Combing or brushing your lashes will get rid of dust, dirt, and other particles that can clog pores. Brushing will also promote growth by encouraging blood circulation, which will in turn ensure more nutrients are reaching your hair follicles. Take some petroleum jelly or vitamin E oil on a clean spoolie or eyelash comb and gently comb your lashes. Start from the base of your lashes and use upward strokes to get to the tip. Do this for two to three minutes every day.


Home remedies to the rescue
Strengthen your lashes with these products lying around your house. Apply any one of these to your lashes every day to give them some oomph. Shea butter has vitamins E and A, which nourish hair follicles and encourage growth. Massage shea butter gently onto your lashes every night before going to bed and rinse off in the morning. Or you can apply castor oil or olive oil to your lashes with a Q-tip before going to bed. Castor oil is a hair growth stimulant rich in vitamin E and proteins, while olive oil has essential fatty acids that moisturise, nourish and soften eyelashes.

Use an eyelash curler
This simple yet effective tool can make a world of a difference, curling your lashes upward, thereby creating the illusion of length and volume. It also makes your eyes look wider and brighter. Follow this up with a mascara to hold the look. However, as with any tool you need to proceed with care. Do not curl your lashes after you apply mascara. This can strain the lashes and cause them to break. Also heating the curler and clamping down hard and tugging at lashes will also cause damage. So be gentle.

Apply an eyelash primer
You prime your skin and your eyelids, why not your lashes? The formula in primers helps lengthen, thicken and nourish your eyelashes, while providing a tacky surface for the mascara to adhere to. Primers also help separate your lashes so that you can evenly coat them with mascara. A quick trick to get voluminous lashes in a jiffy!
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Try tightlining your eyes
In India it’s common for women to use kohl, kajal or eyeliner on their lower lash line. But if you’re looking for longer, voluminous lashes, you should try lining your upper waterline. Tightlining, also known as ‘invisible eyeliner’, provides a subtle definition to your eyes and gives the appearance of thicker lashes. By applying eyeliner inside your upper lash line you’re creating the illusion of dense, dark lash roots. Since you go pretty close to your eyeball when tightlining, experts suggest you use waterproof eyeliner.
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Experiment with minking
This is makeup trick experts use to make lashes look fuller and longer. It involves using two different mascara colours to give your peepers some oomph. The colours are usually black and brown. Start by apply a light layer of black mascara all over your lashes. Let it dry and then brush on brown mascara on the tips. Finish the look by reapplying the black mascara. Minking adds dimension without it looking too obvious.
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