Tips on how to help children adapt to post-pandemic world

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Tips on how to help children adapt to post-pandemic world
Tips on how to help children adapt to post-pandemic world

13 Jun 2021: Tips on how to help children adapt to post-pandemic world

There are many issues that have befallen us during the COVID-19 pandemic. One of them is to successfully raise children without being able to give them the privilege of social interaction. While juggling chores, work, and everything in between, we might often get caught up with the guilt of not doing much for them. However, these tips may help those facing lockdown parenting challenges.

Routine: Plan out a daily routine together with your child

Children love to follow a set timetable, something which is not a part of their lives now. To get them back into a routine, chalk down a daily timetable along with your child. Here, note down everything from the time they wake up to the time they go to sleep. You can also include study time, playtime, cartoon time, and a little baking time.

Friends: Encourage your children to virtually spend quality time with friends

Most children may have spent some time with friends after the lockdown eased last year, but we are back to where we started. To help your child bond with their friends, organize Zoom calls wherein they are involved in some creative activity. This will not only help your child learn but will also give them the comfort of companionship.

Anxiety: Read your child's expressions for any symptoms of anxiety

The pandemic has brought in persistent feelings of anxiety, fear, depression, and emotional numbness, and this holds true for children as well. Temper tantrums, bed-wetting, or clinginess are a few of the ways a young child may express their anxiety. As a parent, acknowledge their expressions and help them slowly work around their emotions. This can help children build resilience to external events.

Self-care: It is important to focus on self-care

It is also important to prioritize self-care while providing a healthy environment for your child. To distract yourself from all that is happening around you, take small rejuvenating breaks during the day to read books, meditate, or do anything you love. A conscious attempt at these self-care breaks will also help ensure that the time spent with kids is more meaningful and invested.

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