Tips to Keep Your Skin Glowing While Working From Home

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Following a regular beauty regime may seem like a daunting task while working from home. As many juggle between office work and household chores, they are left with no time to treat their skin. And gradually this struggle leaves their face lose its healthy glow. But here are some easy and quick tips you can follow to get naturally rejuvenated and glowing skin:

Drink Water Water is the most important source for keeping the body hydrated. As dehydration makes the skin look weak and wrinkled, drinking ample amounts of water is necessary to make it rejuvenated and healthy. Water also helps in flushing out toxins from the body, thereby reducing the chances of break-outs and other skin issues. You may have a hectic schedule but keep a water bottle handy and drink water to remain hydrated.

Say No to Junk Food People tend to eat more while working from home. The continuous snacking on junk food which is usually high in sugar content not only adds extra pounds but affects the skin too. It leads to various skin issues including break-outs and pimples. Instead of consuming junk food, switch to healthy snacks like fruits, juices, and nuts if you feel like munching.

Always do CTM and Apply Sunscreen Being at home we often ignore doing regular beauty regimes. We clean our face but miss the other two important steps – toning and moisturising. Regular CTM is necessary to get rid of impurities and keep the skin clean. The other important thing we often ignore is sunscreen. Applying sunscreen at home is as important as when you go out. So apply sunscreen regularly to protect your skin protected from harmful sun rays.

Workout Even if you are busy with your hectic schedule, take out time to work out. Doing exercise is important even if you do it for a few minutes and half an hour. Sweating during exercise helps in removing the toxins from our body and makes the skin feel fresh. Moreover, it increases blood flow aiding the body to lose some extra pounds along with giving the skin its natural glow.

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