Tired of Endless Dating? Want To Get Married? Now There’s an App for That

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GoMarry.com App is the no-nonsense relationship app you didn’t know you needed. Claiming to be “for people who want serious long term relationships that lead to marriage and family”.

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This is the brainchild of the British entrepreneur, Azad Chaiwala. Who says “Most people have lost faith in dating...especially because of short term meaningless encounters, offered by crude dating apps in which you swipe left or right for instant hook-ups. Where they often open their greetings with nasty messages about their favorite position, where relationships end as quickly as they start…. Because the other person randomly stops texting you back.”

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The 38-year-old multi-millionaire goes on to explain “Mine is an honest approach, Marriage lasts longer than just girlfriend/boyfriend relationships. On top of that, we need more solid families & homes; something we as a society are increasingly lacking. And in terms of demand, there is no shortage. First you have those that have had their fun and have come to a realization that the one-night stand roulette lifestyle cannot be maintained and they would like to settle down. Then there’s the generation who’ve been watching these very people fail badly and have decided they want more meaning.

To find the most compatible users, GoMarry.com asks all members to complete the “Match Making Questionnaire” of which users have said “One thing I liked was the quiz questions - very well thought out and I have not had any other dating site (including eharmony) ask such insightful questions! - KAREN”

The questions might sound tough but are aimed at maximizing compatibility. E.g.

  • Have you ever had any sexually transmitted diseases?

  • Can you have children?

  • Do you have any debt?

  • Are you still in touch with any past partners?

  • Do you have an objection to signing a prenuptial agreement? etc

According to Azad “Most marriages die or decay slowly, because of incompatibility. Because during regular dating all you are focused on is impressing the other person so you don’t ask a lot of the crucial questions that should be asked. The answers then gnaw at you and the whole thing collapses. Marriage is not about the big gestures – taking someone to Paris, proposing to someone in front of the Eiffel Tower – it is about the daily grind, the kind of food that you eat, watching the same shows, both having the same outlook on life and so on. So right from the beginning, we encourage all the skeletons to come out of the closet to maximize compatibility and the success of the marriage.”

The app is now available to download in both the Apple & Android app stores:

Apple Store: Click Here.

Android App Store: Click Here.

Website for Desktop: Click Here.