TN Court Summons Kamal Haasan Over Comment On ‘The Mahabharata’

The Hindu Makkal Katchi had earlier filed a PIL against him.

It seems his Mahabharata comment could cost veteran actor-filmmaker Kamal Haasan dear. The Valliyoor court in Tamil Nadu has summoned him to appear on May 5 in response to the Public Interest Litigation (PIL) filed against him by the Hindu Makkal Katchi for his alleged derogatory remarks about the revered Hindu epic.

ANI has confirmed the news:

Kamal Haasan in an interview to a Tamil channel, reportedly said while referring to The Mahabharata, that a woman is gambled away in the epic and that India honours such a book.

Kamal Haasan, Actor-Filmmaker In Mahabharata, Panchali was used as a pawn while the men gambled ... she was used as a collateral and India is a country that respects and honours a book that revolves around men using a woman to gamble away as if she was a mere object.

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