Today’s Horoscope — Daily Horoscope for Friday, September 27, 2019

Control your enthusiasm and your impulses as your relatives might have trouble dealing with them. Imperfect use of your energy will bring some health issues.

Some social personalities like politicians can turn out as rivals to you; so, keep a watch over your behaviour when you socialise with such people.

Listen to people but obey your conscience. You ascend the ladder of victory and achieve real joy. Your efforts will be rewarded well.

Today you will find the root cause of problems which are delaying your projects at the workplace. Proper guidance is needed to achieve success in business.

Success shall come out easily. Overseas travel is on the cards for those aspiring for higher education. Scholarship and other financial rewards are on the cards.

Focus on your tasks today, so that nothing will go wrong today. Stay away from office politics and quarrels. Avoid junk food.

Those in music or arts or acting field will have a good day. You may get new assignments or contracts to sign. Journalists will have a day to look forward.

People may take time to catch up with your ideas and intelligence, so keep patience and don’t let your temper will not rise. New businesses proposals may come to you.

Misunderstanding between you and family members may create some tension. Beware of your enemies, as they may trouble you. Avoid making commitments.

Think carefully before you take any emotional decision. Take care of health. Minor injuries may occur while handling things in the kitchen. New projects may get slipped away.

Consistency has to keep while working in the social field. Don’t be crazy about achieving money in any matters. Don’t take aggressive decision in business.

You may meet a new partner, or get more serious with an existing partner. Marriage is on the cards for singles. There will be relief from some stress at the workplace.