Today’s Horoscope — Daily Horoscope for Monday, July 29, 2019

Sometimes, compromise is good than stretching the issue as it may create more problems. You need to keep documents in safe custody as misplacement is likely.

Opposite sex people will get attracted. Singles may find their match. Try to complete pending tasks in business on time. A few short trips are on the cards.

Do avoid unwanted expenditure and anything that tempts you to spend unnecessarily. Some expenses related to revamp of your home is on the cards

Today is good day for growth in business and on career front. You are normally very careful with money, but today you will spend recklessly with a person from the opposite sex.

If there is argument or struggle, work your way through the process of negotiation and try to see the other side of things.

Long journeys may be undertaken. The time is good to change with several opportunities coming your way today. You may be in two minds about a decision.

You will feel confident in your work which makes you to aim for better things in life. Business ventures will also be possible. Romance is in the air.

You might feel tensed as work pressure increases today and you might not find any help from your co-workers either. Take care of your health.

You are particular in your work and this will impress your officers. Your soft nature will help you finalise business deal. Love at first sight or sudden marriage is on the cards.

Avoid risky moves and over confidence that nothing can go wrong, or just fool hardy behaviour. Some misfortune or possible mishap may be lurking, likely to hit you.

Your communication and socialising skills will fetch you with gains; at the same time, you might also experience delays in acquiring some money gains.

Think of women as equal partners and treat them with respect. There will be success in business politics, social work and love affairs.