Today’s Horoscope — Daily Horoscope for Thursday, October 03, 2019

Give priority to important tasks today. Be ready for a lot of workload. People in politics should act diplomatically in order to tackle a tough situation.

Make sure that you complete the committed tasks before deadline, or it will make your seniors unwell. Banking and financial sectors will attain good progress.

Your temper will get you in trouble. Focus on creating happy situation at home. Friends and co-worker will be giving trouble. Today take minimum risk at work or business place.

You might face problems from your colleagues or associates as they are not likely to support your ideas. You will also get a little bit frustrated as things may not work as per your manner.

You will act more practically today. Focus and get serious about your work. Talking more clearly in business deals will be beneficial and will not create any further issues.

Those in cosmetic and modelling sectors will get a new platform for their business and career. Spend some quality time with your spouse to understand his/her feelings.

Your ability to do hard work and also completing it before the deadline will be highly appreciated. Those in the music and arts sector will do well today.

You are calm and contented. This is the time where you have to just watch the activities of enemies and not to react or take any immediate action on them.

There are inter-relational issues to deal with. It will not be all smooth sailing, but this is the right time to find answers to troublesome issues, with your tactful and generous nature.

A revelation or someone’s secret may shock you. Your working style has become much more professional and you are reaping the rewards.

Upgraded machinery and processes will make you more productive. Your energy levels are high and you need to find ways to let off steam.

Domestic affairs will be harmonious and there will be monetary benefits through communications. Those in the media will do very well both momentarily and performance-wise.