Today’s Horoscope — Daily Horoscope for Thursday, July 25, 2019

Anonymous petitions could bother you. Cold and cough may trouble you, stay away from cold drinks and ice-creams. Social workers and politicians will earn name and fame.

Those who are looking for a new home should socialise as you may meet people who can help you find a good home. Senior citizens may recover their health.

You will have some health problems like blood pressure and anxiety, it is advisable that you take better care of yourself. Your work life will be full of ups and downs. Be positive.

Risk-taking tendencies should be curbed. The health of your parents is likely to suffer. You must check your complexes, the negative thoughts and the useless expenditures.

Your open-hearted spirit makes you a beacon of compassion in hard time. Those who are already in a relationship it is time to seal for a long-term commitment with your partner.

This is the time to learn new skills, to give your career a lift; the sharing of knowledge is also on the cards, using it to help, teach, to work in general is highlighted.

Focus on leveraging your skillset. The consistent performance will pave the way for your promotion. You may be invited as a guest speaker in a seminar or event.

Strike while the iron is hot, don’t wait for the next day. Think twice before you speak. Try to solve your problems on your own. Take care of your health.

Be prepared for tests as seniors will be having a watch on your activities. Losses will be more today in business, so try to reduce your expenses.

Your friends will be your best guide today. Politics and sports sector people will become famous as their performance is going to come into the limelight.

Most probably you don’t like to take efforts when the road is not smooth but today you are on the highway so speed up to achieve number of goals. Romance is in the air.

Minor injuries while working in the kitchen is likely. Take care of health. In the arts and drama sector if you keep your timetable in time then there are no issues to get worried.

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