Today's Horoscope -- Daily Horoscope for Friday, August 23, 2019

Your financial condition will be strong. Those are aiming to attempt competitive exams may clear it successfully. Your foes will not be in the position to face you.

There will be certain ups and downs at the beginning of the day, but you will be able to handle them on your own. Your love life will bloom to the fullest.

Problems, delays, hurdles may trouble you. At the workplace, you will be given extra work and responsibilities. Don’t lose your calm. Be cautious while on wheels.

You will get the opportunity to hone your skills. Your hard work will lead you to take place in good books of your superiors. Going on a family trip is highly possible.

Your focus will be on your goals and may have greater scope to set the agenda at work. You will have a good jump on the career front. Travelling is on the card.

You are on a roll today and the phase will get even more intense. All you need to guard against is stress which can take a toll. Meditate, eat healthy and relax.

There are responsibilities and liabilities to attend to and you need to be on the ball. But you are lucky and manage to steer the course. Your friends will lend you a helping hand.

You are likely to get an ambitious partner with beneficial influence. Your social circle would expand at a high pace and you may get a chance to meet a big personality.

Opportunities on the business front are heading towards you. Spend some quality time with your family members. Try to go to the bottom of the problem.

When travelling with older folk, some extra care is advisable. If any of you are dealing with legal matters that pertain to home or emotional life, then it will take time to solve.

You just want to do your bit to help make the world a better place, and help those in need. Some of the ideas may not gel with your partner, but sensible cooperation is possible.

Health-related problems are likely today. Your temper may rise due to unnecessary issues in the workplace. You may feel cornered while hanging out with friends.