Today's Horoscope -- Daily Horoscope for Monday, August 12, 2019

Too much work and stress at home and the office will make you angry. You may seek some help from your co-workers but they are less likely to help you. Take care of your children.

Don’t forget to cross-check your work as minor mistakes may happen and it may affect your image. Your partner needs your time and attention.

Some exciting things will happen with you today. You will feel fresh. Looking for a partner who understands your feelings will be your priority. Romance is in the air.

Lord Ganesha’s blessings are with you and you will see good things happening on the career front.

Meditation will help release your stress and will alleviate anxiety.

There are chances of blooming of a new romantic relationship. There will be family outings, possibly a holiday together. Assignments will get completed as per your commitments.

Love life may hit a rough patch. Financial issues may also affect your relationship. You are truthful diplomatic and cautious, so your ambitions will bear fruit. Take care of health.

You will find that your aggression will rise and you might be a bit more rude or difficult to get along in comparison to the past. But things will be effective and progress will be good.

Discussion on financial issues will get success. You will get a helping hand from your friends and loved ones to come out of problems and begin a new life.

You have been working very hard these past few days and so could have neglected your emotional relationships. Try to spend some time with your loved ones.

Career-related work might become too complicated to handle. Business pursuits might also meet with unwanted impediments. Keep a tab on your expenses.

Forget past things and move on with a positive attitude. Work sincerely and efficiently on your new projects. Today will certainly be happy times spent in beautiful surroundings.

You multiply each other’s joy and share feelings by giving a helping hand to your romantic partners. Your interest in religious and spiritual activities shall enhance.