Today's Horoscope -- Daily Horoscope for Wednesday, October 16, 2019

You do realise that money isn’t everything but it is still important and you will have to focus your attention on financial issues. The competition gets stronger and your rivals get active.

The glamour and sparkle are a bit dimmer, but they are still very much there. Friends may turn into enemies, but you have to watch that your personal interactions do not slip and perish.

You will take care of your health and relationships and make them vibrant. Some of your ideas may not gel with your partner, but sensible cooperation is possible.

There is domestic peace and you are meticulous in all your affairs right down to the nitty gritty. There is new romance, attachments, love affairs and you revel in it.

Your health and enemies both need your attention. Avoid brushing things beneath the rug and take things head-on. Be careful to wrap up things nicely; paying attention to details.

Loneliness and grief lingers in the atmosphere and you miss your dear ones appallingly. Things from the past may disturb you. Use tact rather than a stern and forceful approach.

You will be in demand at the work place there will be more importance of your presence at meetings. Seniors will appreciate your work. Those in agriculture sector will do well today.

Take care that minor health problems don’t turn major. Keep away things which stress you. Domestic problems may arise today due to which disagreements with spouse are likely.

You need all the support you can gather from friends, both at work and otherwise so that you boost up your energy and come across as a confident go-getter at the workplace.

You have to be on your guard and act slowly and with deliberation, lest you make a risky move and it boomerangs. Take proper care of your health. Drive cautiously today.

Work will be hectic and challenging. Building a consensus will help you get through your tasks. Storm in a tea cup with your spouse is likely today. Avoid junk food.

Family matters will get resolved. Some of them will get proposals for marriage. Students will perform well in their exams. You may have fruitful journeys and pleasure-trips.