Tofu or paneer? Experts say, 'pick tofu'; here's why

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Organic Raw Soy Tofu on a Background
Organic Raw Soy Tofu on a Background

An increasing number of individuals are now leaning towards healthier and cleaner eating habits, which includes adopting veganism.

Along with rejuvenating your mind by giving up meat and dairy products, veganism helps prevent certain chronic diseases as well.

Tofu is soybean curd, a soft and milk-like product that is the perfect replacement for paneer. It is rich in proteins, calcium, and minerals, making it the ideal substitute for meat or paneer for a vegan.

Let’s look at some of the other health benefits that Tofu offers.

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1. Enhances cardiovascular function

Long-term consumption of Tofu improves your heart’s health along with the vascular system. It keeps cholesterol at bay and literally makes you younger! A study conducted by Sun group on 200,000 Americans found that eating Tofu more than once a week was associated with an 18% lower risk of heart disease.

Now you can make those Tofu pakoras and enjoy them guilt-free each evening with your cup of chai!

2. It helps you lose weight

Rich in proteins and minerals, but surely low in fat. Tofu is your friend if you’re on a journey to losing weight. You can prepare a Tofu salad along with your favourite veggies and dressings to make it a dish that you will savour!

3. It helps your skin

Loaded with an abundance of proteins, Tofu helps preserve and enhance your skin and facial muscles’ elasticity. It prevents sagging of the skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. If you enjoy your street foods as much as we do, you can even introduce a Tofu bhurji to your diet!

4. Ideal food for diabetics

Owing to its lower fat and calorie content, Tofu is the best food for pre-diabetics and diabetics. If you add 200 grams of Tofu to your diet each day, it can drastically reduce your chances of type-2 diabetes. According to one study, 100 mg of soy isoflavones every day can reduce blood sugar levels by 15% and insulin levels by 23%.

Who says you can’t grill your Tofu? Marinate it in a spice mix and grill it up like you would prepare your meat. You have your own Tofu barbecue ready!

5. It improves your immunity

Being a complete health food, Tofu also has a lot of antioxidant content, and it keeps your body healthy and disease-free. But did you think you would have to give up your favorite palak paneer if you quit paneer? No! You can replace it with Tofu!

If that hasn’t convinced you to take up Tofu in your diet, we’ve got something else coming your way. Regular Tofu consumption also prevents various types of cancer! Now it can’t get any better than this. If you have designed your very own Tofu recipe, don’t forget to share it with us in the comments section.

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