We are all together in this: Dr Amish Vyas who is working at a quarantine camp in China

Reminding us about the importance of commitment to work, is this inspiring video. Despite the pandemic situation of coronavirus, many doctors -- and much of the medical staff -- continue to do their work with utmost dedication. Here is an instance that Brut India highlighted in their video. Dr Amish Vyas, a plastic surgeon, continues to work in China's Hangzhou. In this motivational video, he said, "As a doctor, I am not afraid of any kind of infection or anything. It is my duty. I have even treated the patients having more serious, complicated diseases. So, I think, in this situation, most of the doctors, most of the surgeons, have the same feeling I have. Nobody is afraid of anything."

Sharing a message of working together to fight the crisis, Vyas, who joined the relief effort at a quarantine camp despite his mother (who lives in Madhya Pradesh, India) urging him to return, added, "I like to tell my fellow surgeons to keep doing what you are doing. We are all together in this. We are one team all over the world."