Token Gama – Leading the gaming industry based on blockchain technology

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According to the Global Games Market research, the games market took more than 35 years to grow to a $ 35 billion business in 2007. For the current year, that market is expected to hit 137 sales. 9 billion dollars. In just 11 years, a staggering over 100 billion dollars have been generated. The Asia-Pacific region will generate $71.4 billion this year, or 52% of total global gaming revenue. This represents a + 16.8% increase over the same period last year. The AsiaPacific region’s share of total income has increased slightly over the years due to the continued growth of smartphones, which by far has the largest number of players.

In which, technology increasingly accounts for a large proportion and contributes significantly to the development of this market, especially blockchain with its great advantages. That is also the reason why Token Gama was developed based on blockchain technology to bring and ensure fairness for customers.

Token Gama is driving fundamental change in online gaming

Gama’s goal is a truly fair, decentralized online gaming world powered by blockchain technology. Leveraging the transparency and security of blockchain, the protocol and platform developed by TOKEN GAMA is the foundation for a pioneering gaming ecosystem that unites all participants in real time. Delivering a fairer, more player-friendly experience and a more efficient industry tool, our innovative blockchain gaming technology is set to revolutionize online gaming.

  • GUARANTEED – Our serverless, decentralized platform is protected from hacking and player or operator intervention.

  • PUBLIC AND TRANSPARENCY – We believe that analytics for the game should be available to everyone, and we do our best to provide the most appropriate tool.

  • RESEARCH AND QUALITY – We are perfectionists, doing our best every day, so we are robust, scalable, and error-free.

  • SIMPLE AND INTUITIVE – We’re always working to make our tool intuitive and easy to use while keeping it flexible and powerful.

Token Gama is supported by a diverse ecosystem

A closed ecosystem, a fully connected trading platform that helps a strong financial development community, promises soon to become a leading technology brand in the world. This is a multi-channel connection platform that integrates directly in exchanges, connecting users to interact, including a quick support team that connects exceptionally to help solve problems.


Drive your Dapp application fast, easy, low cost. Our wallets provide seamless integration and secure, user-focused additions to the Dapp experience, with every browser, every device capability.


GAMA CARD facilitates new commercial opportunities for the transfer of digital value. Our technology can help eliminate time, cost, and risk from financial flows. Exchange and trade cryptocurrencies anytime and most efficiently.


Online games on Blockchain allow players to have permanent ownership and arbitrary purchase and sale of their assets in the game. Each investment is tied to a unique token and is maintained in the decentralized network.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is at the heart of the current industrial revolution, and the link is likely to increase over the next decade.


DEX (Decentralized Exchange) is a decentralized exchange that allows users to trade cryptocurrencies without relying on intermediaries.


The E-commerce platform, connecting businesses globally. An online store that helps you create a website publish your blog and sell your products, and pay and exchange easily with Gama Token.