Tom Bergeron confirms he will not return to 'Dancing with the Stars'

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Tom Bergeron
Tom Bergeron

Washington [US], December 3 (ANI): Longtime show host Tom Bergeron has revealed that he is not returning to 'Dancing with the Stars' show which he used to host with his fellow Erin Andrews.

The viewers of the American dance show were hit unexpectedly in July when the long time show host Tom Bergeron announced the news of his departure from Season 29. In a recent interview, Bergeron has confirmed that he has no plans to ever return to the ABC dance competition show.

According to Fox News, the veteran broadcaster shared about how his current life is being away from the limelight, along with a revelation that may upset his fans.

"When people say, 'I'm not going to watch until you're back,' I say, 'Well, there's really no 'until' here. This train has left the station," Bergeron said in an interview, as reported by Fox News.

The star also shared the precious moments he collected on the show and told that it was all about the friendships he formed with people who were on camera and behind the camera and how he used to throw midseason parties for the cast and staff to create a sense of solidarity among the team.

Revealing that he feels very fortunate for his career accomplishments, Bergeron said, "I've been on two network shows for the better part of 15 years each, so life's been good."

Fox News reported that the former 'America's Funniest Home Videos' host admitted of having no real fire in his gut to continue with the show. Instead, he joked that if he were to ever write a sequel to his 2009 memoir, he'd call it, 'I'm Relaxing as Slow as I Can!'

After serving as a host since 2005, Bergeron announced the news of his departure from the ABC show in July.

At that time, he tweeted, "Just informed @DancingABC will be continuing without me. It's been an incredible 15-year run and the most unexpected gift of my career. I'm grateful for that and for the lifelong friendships made."

In response, ABC also released their official statement and wrote, "Tom Bergeron will forever be part of the 'Dancing with the Stars' family. As we embark on a new creative direction, he departs the show with our sincerest thanks and gratitude for his trademark wit and charm that helped makes this show a success."

However, neither statement made it clear how the decision was reached.

Much to the shock of fans, Tyra Banks was tapped in as a replacement to Tom and Andrew, for Season 29.

Banks herself noted in an interview that it was a challenge for her to replace the renowned pair, "I mean, you know Tom Bergeron and Erin, they lead the show, and this is one of the top-rated shows in the world. I'm respecting the stage that they have set and then adding my icing to that. I feel confident about that, but of course, it's a challenge, but I don't back away from challenges," according to Fox News. (ANI)