Tom Hanks shares picture of toast with Vegemite spread and people have opinions

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Recently, Tom Hanks shared a picture of a plate of toast with Vegemite spread on it. (File Photo)

Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson are, at present, in Australia, recuperating from coronavirus. While the news of it had jolted everyone, the actor has been sharing health updates. Recently, he shared a picture of a plate of toast with Vegemite spread on it. "Thanks to the Helpers. Let’s take care of ourselves and each other," he wrote with it.

Vegemite, famous in Australia, is a thick savoury spread, which has people divided over its taste. It is believed to have been invented there and is made from yeast extract from beer production. Spices and vegetables are used for its flavouring. It is sugar-free, fat-free and is vegetarian. It is also rich in Vitamin B. Many maintain that it is an acquired taste.

The right way is to not spread a lot of it on the toast. And perhaps that is why the picture Hanks shared has sent netizens into a state of tizzy. While one user said, "okay you need to scrape around 60% of that vegemite off, otherwise it's gonna be nasty and hurt your mouth friend," another shared photos to inform the actor of the right usage.

On March 12, he had issued a statement sharing the news of he and his wife testing positive.

“To play things right, as is needed in the world right now, we were tested for the coronavirus and were found to be positive,” Hanks had said.