Tom & Jerry the Movie: Did You Spot Besharam Actress Pallavi Sharda in the Live-Action Animation Hybrid Footage?

Rajat Tripathi
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Warner Bros dropped the first trailer of the upcoming hybrid animated film, Tom & Jerry The Movie. Yes, we will get to see the two characters from our beloved childhood cartoon on the big screens in 2021. Fans in India have one more reason to be excited about the film. It stars the gorgeous Pallavi Sharda in a key role. You might remember the beautiful Bollywood actress from the film, Besharam, which paired her opposite Ranbir Kapoor. The Australian actress of the Indian descent has also worked in movies like Begum Jaan and Hawaizaada. Tom & Jerry The Movie Trailer: Get Ready To Dive Into Childhood Memories With This Big Screen Adaptation (Watch Video).

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Although, Pallavi did not find the deserved recognition in Bollywood, despite the good films under her belt, she has headlined two TV shows in Australia - Retrograde and Pulse. We all know how unforgiving Bollywood can be of good talent.

In Tom & Jerry The Movie trailer, there is only one shot, from a distance, of Pallavi. But it can be deduced that she plays a key role in the film.

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As per the trailer, Jerry starts living in a luxurious hotel, rent-free. The hotel staff employs Tom to chase him out. You see, the hotel is going to host the wedding of the century and a mouse might not be a good look.

We get a glimpse that the wedding is going to be an Indian affair. And, voila, we have Pallavi. We are guessing that she will play the Indian bride in the film. As per Wikipedia, her character is named Preeta in the film, which has a Punjabi ring to it.

Watch The Trailer for Tom & Jerry The Movie Here:

Check Out The One Shot Of Pallavi Sharda Here:

Pallavi Sharda in Tom & Jerry The Movie Trailer (Photo Credits:: YouTube)

The Hollywood Reporter first reported about Pallavi's casting in July 2019, along with news about Adds Ken Jeong and Rob Delaney's addition to the cast.

Take A Look At Pallavi Sharda's Instagram:

Throwback! Pallavi Sharda In Besharam

In October 2019, she talked about the film in an interview with a website. "In Tom and Jerry, I got the opportunity to work with fantastic actors on a film with diverse representation. It is really a global cast and it was special to work on a brand that has been so universal for so long and resonates across cultural boundaries," she said.