Tomer Yosef shares the details of his journey as an established influencer

tomer yosef

Tomer Yosef is grabbing everyone’s attention in the Israel media industry, credits his content creation skills. He recently started his successful venture YOSEF NYC. His kind of work has all the characteristics that an influencer has and he has been inspiring many people with his content. He is known for creating content which people of all categories can relate to.

He also owns a marketing agency called, TE Marketing that handles top brands worldwide. With time, the company saw a potential growth and Tomer realised his passion for being an entrepreneur. Later, he sold a portion of the company to his business partner and started focusing on the business of advertising after getting inspired by the media giants in the USA. He has his advertising company named FANSEE TV based in Israel which focuses on bringing social media engagement to brands and also promotes the social media presence of a particular brand. Not only this, he has his own online sports show, has created top viral websites in Israel and has a boutique advertising agency named STARZ that handles the top brands on social media.

Speaking about his success, Tomer said, “Audience is the main reason what I am today. It is because of them I have achieved great heights in life. Making and delivering relatable content as per the taste of the audience have always worked tremendously on the digital space and that has always been my main focus.” With having a great vision to create content as per the audience’s mood, Tomer Yosef is truly an emerging name in the field of content creation.

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