Too Faced's all-chocolate makeup vault has arrived

Kelsey Stiegman
Photo credit: Instagram/Too Faced

From Cosmopolitan UK

Start planning a funeral for your bank account now, because Too Faced Cosmetics has just released a totally chocolate makeup vault. Yep, I'm crying tears of joy/sadness for the money I'm about to spend.

The Ultimate Chocolate Vault features a ton of cocoa-infused products all with a rich chocolatey flavour you can taste – even the eyeshadows.

Photo credit: Too Faced Cosmetics

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It comes with three eyeshadow palettes (Chocolate Bar, Semi-Sweet, and Chocolate Bon Bons), three Chocolate Soleil Bronzers (Chocolate Soleil, Milk Chocolate Soleil, and Dark Chocolate Soleil), two of their mini Chocolate Chip palettes (Matte and White), and three Melted Chocolate Lipsticks (Chocolate Cherries, Chocolate Honey, and Chocolate Milkshake).

Photo credit: Too Faced Cosmetics

buy it here

Separately, that would cost you £352, but you can snag this tasty spread for £180 – so you're basically getting £172 worth of makeup totally for free.

The vault has already sold out once, so if you're in the mood for a little chocolate, head to right now.

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