Too Faced just dropped a glitter face mask

Laura Beck
Photo credit: Hearst Communications, Inc. All rights reserved

From Cosmopolitan UK

Too Faced has a new mask and it's filled with glitter and called GLOW JOB. It's as if they took the essence of the company, boiled it down, and then poured it into a mask. There has never been anything more Too Faced than Glow Job.

Jerrod Blandino, Too Faced's co-founder and CCO, wrote of the mask, "I’ve wanted to do a glitter mask for more than 5 years but the science just wasn’t ready. I’m so happy to tell you that Glow Job is almost here! It’s the most amazing radiance boosting and exfoliating peel-off mask I’ve ever used - and it’s infused with REAL glittering gold⭐️. It leaves your skin feeling smooth, soft and makeup ready - and it’s begging for a selfie. #tfglowjob #toofaced"

And the packaging is gorgeous, too:

DO WANT. Jerrod, if you're reading this, I'll totally give myself a Glow Job if you send me some! (Or, let's face it, I'm definitely gonna buy this when it comes out in December.)

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