Too tired to cook amid parenting duties? Try this hassle-free method

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Try hassle-free, sustainable cooking. (Source: Getty Images)

Looking for a way to cook without any hassle while managing your kids and other responsibilities? Try the One Pot One Shot (OPOS) way of making your child's favourite dishes, in just one pressure cooker. OPOS is an easy cooking style developed and trademarked by B Ramakrishnan from Chennai that has now found ardent fans of the style across the world, with a loyal social media following.

The form of easy cooking procedure, however, needs precision. The ingredients have to be aligned in a specific way in a two litre pressure cooker and the recipe has to be followed to a T, including measurement, time and the number of whistles from the cooker. The pressure cooker is lead free with silicon gasket and is designed to withstand dry heating, mentions the official website. The ingredients are then flash-cooked with little water on high heat. And the recipe does not have to be boring--from biryani to idli sambar, you can cook a variety of dishes.

"Magic pot food appeals to the most brutal critics on earth-Toddlers. Children love the bright colours, textures and flavours," reads the website. Here are some recipes you can try:

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Cooking in this method has multiple benefits--it does not just cook food quickly but also means there is less mess and you have only one pot to wash. It also saves fuel and water, ensuring sustainable cooking.

According to, OPOS has also engaged many Indian men who would not generally cook. Perhaps, fathers could also share duties and try their hand at cooking in the OPOS method.

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You can refer to the recipes in Ramakrishnan's book OPOS Cookbook: 5 minute magic.