Top 10 Credit Repair Companies for 2021

Tapasvi Vibhute
·6-min read

Credit is such a thing that is understood by very few people. People are unaware of understanding, leveraging and fixing poor credit scores. To cater this problem a number of individuals who are considered the experts of financial understanding, are working to help a number of clients. Such coaches are helpful in helping the clients check their credits, allowing them financial independence, security and also helping them to lead their lives comfortably. Following are some incredible coaches that are making peoples’ lives easier:

1. Natasha Larson

Natasha Larson is a credit improvement specialist at CreditCPR and CEO of the company. It was being built to help individuals build and even restore their credit at reasonable rates. Natasha Larson brought up with the idea of CreditCPR because she was living in a poor income neighborhood where people needed to build up their personal investment through a secured credit card. Natasha with her team has been able to help people build their credit through making purchases on their credit cards. Natasha is determined to allow people the freedom to make purchases anywhere through their secured credit card issued by MasterCard

2. Dominique Cleveland

Dominique Cleveland is the Chief Executive Officer of the company True Dreams Financial. She is a devoted self-starter expert. She is passionate to assist others with credit repair. Her company is specialized to help its clients get over their credit spoils to get hold of homeownership. Dominique Cleveland is determined to help clients with rebuilding and repairing of their credit. She with her company goes beyond best for her clients and stand on absolute integrity. Everything in her company is based on ethics and values to help clients get hold of best credit scores.

3. Lenox Ramsey Jr

Lenox Ramsey Jr is the owner of Ballot America Corp based in Washington DC. It is a political and radical campaign advisory which has been found by the strategist Lenox Ramsey Jr to assist in the political campaign services for the communities. It is determined to provide technological and campaign based consulting services to the organizations and the candidates. Lenox Ramsey Jr has been determined for fundraising for the political campaigns to bring change in the society. He is addressing people to invest their money and allocate credit in the political campaigns to bring a better future.

4. Einna M. Robinson

Einna M. Robinson is the manager and CEO of Robinson Platinum Solutions. She is also known to be the brand certified credit repair expert. She is incredible in assisting clients in establishing financial freedom, creating economical communal wealth and equipping them with financial literal of communal empowerment and general wealth through credit restoration. Einna M. Robinson has expert and specialized team in evaluating and guiding clients for their legal rights. Einna M. Robinson says that people can do anything that credit repair firms are assisting with but they can help you to sought out your problems and achieve goals in less time devoid of any costly errors.

5. Chanelle Jones

Chanelle Jones is the owner of Savvy Business Group. It is a financial based business providing services. She is working hard to help her clients and surroundings in growing their business and even ones who are taking a fresh start. Her company gets to know its customers; it offers a whole lot of services including business start-ups, credit repair and tax management and preparations. It also nurtures the existing clients and provides them new opportunities. Chanelle Jones owning Savvy Business Group is attending a lot of conferences and networking events to grow her business and also utilizing social media sites to attract new clients and helping them out with credit opportunities.

6. Lexi Turner

Lexi Turner is the CEO of the company Maven Realty Partners. It offers credit repair repayments and focuses on its customers by bringing energy and essence to its neighborhood and surroundings. The core business lies in the real estate and includes expert knowledge required for the business. Lexi Turner is determined to offer services inclusive of construction administration, tenant representation and property-owner’s representation and all sorts of credit repair problems related to the business. Maven Realty Partners provide easy solutions for investors and owners. Lexi Turner teaches how to start your business and also to develop and improve business credit.

7. Amber Butler

Amber Butler is the owner, realtor and certified credit repair expert of the company Butler Credit Solutions. Real estate is the core business of this company. Amber Butler as the owner of the company takes pride in assisting the people and surroundings in achieving their goals of financial understanding. It helps people in everyday life to achieve the motives of financial literacy and credit repairing. Whether the clients are to buy a new car, a new house and or willing to take a fresh start, Butler Credit Solutions is ready to take on the lead. Amber helps in improving the credit of its clients by eliminating charge offs, loans, collections, delayed payments and evictions.

8. Jade Jones

Jade Jones is the CEO of Premier Credit Rehab. She says that Premier Credit Rehab is not a just a company but it is her reflection; it’s honest, motivated and enjoyable while getting along with the business. Jade Jones was bad with financial literacy and credit management. She missed out a lot of opportunities such as driving of her dream car, home ownership etc. owing to money mismanagement. She knew she was bad with credit and decided to take a new start. She learnt about credit and financial management. She established Premier Credit Rehab to allow people get out of the disabled credit circumstances. Premier Credit Rehab provides accuracy on clients’ credit and financial reports and also provides them with financial tools.

9. Chris Newsome

Chris Newsome is the owner of Heart of Hustle, LLC. He is also credit coach of the company. This company has been established to become able to assist, help and satisfy the financial needs of the customers around the globe through financial consultation and credit repair services. Heart of Hustle, LLC is a competent company and has proved helpful in empowering the people with financial tools and literacy.

10. DeAndrea Bunbury

DeAndrea Bunbury is the CEO of the company Fix My Life. The reason for establishing her own firm was evolved from the disapproval of her secured card some 2 years ago. When she was not able to get her secured card approved, she started fixing her card by herself. She realized how illiterate she and others around her was and started investing through credit and finally established her company Fix My Life to help others get ahead of their credit repair problems.