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The year 2020 has been a wild start to the new decade. Rumors of war, new global diseases, country wide fires, tragic deaths, and more heartbreaking events. In these times it’s easy to be discouraged. Life’s too short to sit around in despair than to get up and take action. While things are dim and dark on one side, on the other hand, here are the list of 2020’s top To-Watch-For Go-Getters, Hustlers, and Action-Takers. (Not listed in any particular order as everyone is in different stages of life but dominating it nonetheless.)  

1.)Jared Maples – @jaredmaples 

Jared Maples is the founder of multiple companies and 8 figure brands spanning from wellness products to film and video. He founded his production and media company Revi in 2019. His company has created content for some of the worlds largest brands some of which include AT&T, NFL, MLB, NHL, and Verizon.

His passion for film has allowed him to invest in independent films and start the production of his first feature film.  Through his success, Jared has kept his priorities straight and stayed true to who he is. He gives of his time and resources to organizations that he believes in and loves to help others. Watch out for this player in 2020 as he shakes up the film industry. 

You can find him on Instagram here > 

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2.) Emily Vavra – @itsemily 

Emily is an alpha female from the Midwest, who had a dream and went for it. At twenty-three years old she was flat broke and pushed herself to learn THE business. By the time she was twenty-six, she had made her first million.Since 2011, she’s helped a team of over 145,000 people build their own health, wealth, and financial freedom. Her reach extends far beyond business, as she is also involved in charity. She recently traveled to Uganda with Just Like My Child Foundation, in a collaborative effort to improve healthcare, education and to establish empowerment programs for young women and children. 

Emily is more than just a speaker. Her ability to connect with audiences on a variety of issues from simple tips on productivity to the deeper issues regarding women is largely due to her authenticity. Known for her #RealTalk, she is innovative; delivering with knowledge, style and just enough edge to insure value to those who are listening. She’s a true “hard work pays off” story that resonates. 


A self-started content creator and entrepreneur, Amanda Cerny has amassed one of the largest social media followings in the world and become one of the most recognizable personalities of our generation. She has over 45 million followers and counting across her social platforms, with 26.4 million on Instagram alone. Amanda’s page has been ranked in the top 5 most viewed story accounts across all of Instagram, and according to Instagram is “the number 1 most viewed channel on IGTV”.  Having first risen to acclaim for the original content she produced and starred in on Vine and Youtube, Amanda quickly gained the attention of the mainstream media and landed roles in feature films and television productions for networks such as Comedy Central, Netflix, and HBO. Leveraging her global appeal, Amanda secured a spot as the global face of Guess for 3 consecutive terms (she was the first-ever influencer to be chosen as the face of the brand) and was featured on billboards, skyscrapers, and global ad campaigns. She’s also secured notable, reoccurring partnerships with the NFL, EA Sports, Virgin Voyages, and more.  

In addition to her mainstream acting and entrepreneurial work, Amanda writes, produces, and stars in her own digital as well as mainstream television and film content through her own full-service production company. She has also produced and directed commercials for leading brands and organizations including: Tinder, PETA, Ubisoft, and Bite Beauty to name a few.

A longstanding environmentalist, Amanda uses her influence and visibility to advocate for issues that impact us all. Amanda is a UN Environment and Wildlife ambassador and works to eliminate single-use plastics, promote plant-based eating, and implement sustainable practices throughout all of her brand partnerships and business endeavors. Recently, she partnered with iconic designer, Diane Von Furstenberg, and Parsons School of Design to create an upcycled dress out of Diane’s textiles scraps and other post-consumer waste which debuted during Fashion Week of 2019. The piece was nicknamed the “scrapwrap” in a nod to DVF’s signature “wrap” design. Amanda also launched her first underwear collection in partnership with Sofia Vergara and her EBY brand that donates 10% of proceeds to microfinance for women in India. As a part of that partnership, Amanda eliminated single-use plastics from EBY’s previous packaging and instead implemented brand-wide use of recycled material. In 2020 Amanda will be rolling out her own branded products, a book deal, a CBD partnership with Korent, and an Athlesuire Line in partnership with Meryl Diamond. 

Anything else we should know:

Amanda paved the way for new mediums of entrepreneurship in the age of social media. She is the Founder and President of her namesake full-service production house, and co-Founder of the digital video-on-demand entertainment network, The Zeus Network which gives creatives a platform to create and broadcast their own high-quality, original content. Amanda additionally embarked on her first foray into podcasts, with the 2019 launch of her star-studded series, OHoney. She invests in and develops businesses that support creatives and promote sustainable practices including: Opkix, Skyhour, and her own brands that are set to launch this year.

4.) Josh Elizetxe – @joshsnow

“Josh is the founder of several successful brands, most notably Snow (, a beauty and oral care disruptor with nearly 1 million customers in its first 3 years. 

The brand is incredibly popular on social media and counts celebrity fans by the likes of Kim Kardashian, Ashley Benson, Chris Pratt, Rob Gronkowski, Kylie Jenner, and Floyd Mayweather. 

Snow is now the most followed oral care brand in America, and plans to continue its product line extension into toothpaste, anti-aging facial care, and other beauty tech devices.”

5.) Cody Alt – @codyalt

“Cody Alt contributes world-class leadership and entrepreneurial skills and is considered a pioneer in the CBD industry who created six companies before the age of 30. In 2010 Cody co-founded Mon-Dak Oilfield Services an oil rig reclamation contractor that expanded into hauling crude oil from oil rigs to the refineries. By the time Cody was 26 years old Mon-Dak was grossing $80k to $100k a week hauling crude all over the country. In 2015, Cody moved to Scottsdale, AZ and founded BodyFuel, a meal prep company which scaled from nothing to multiple retail locations. From 2015-2017 Cody launched four more companies of his own, including PureKana, Kushly, Elevate Media, Slapps Underwear and Never Sell Dope. Today, their combined gross revenue is in excess of $60 Million. Cody’s main focus is delivering a product that helps improve people’s daily wellbeing specializing in organic hemp-based CBD and medical cannabis. The products from these ventures help with pain relief and anxiety, offering a compelling alternative to benzodiazepines (benzos) and painkillers. Cody characterizes one of his major goals in business is helping people break free of chronic pain and other conditions with an all-natural product. Mr. Alt continues to revolutionize the CBD industry with his massive social media following and relentless work ethic he continues to showcase from being an underdog from a small town of 20 in Montana.”

6.) @Futuristic

“Futuristic has been working relentlessly for virtually his whole life to be a musician/businessman which finally began to pay off in 2015 with his first majorly successful album “The Rise”! He now has completed 16 tours across the world along with building multiple million dollar businesses including “Sheeesh World” clothing line, “Guest List & Guest List kids” clothing stores, “honeymoon hideout” film/photo location & “The Drop” record label! He has also wrote a book for independent artist, hosted & promoted concerts for Arizona locals and even opened up his own recording/film studio in his 2nd home in mesa Arizona proving that hard work & dedication can help you accomplish anything you set your mind too. This year he is set to drop 3 more albums, & continue to build his other businesses & create new ones all while enjoying life and doing the things he loves on the daily basis maintaining the perfect balance between his work and his home life. When asked in a recent interview what his goals were he said “To be the best human I can possibly be, to start a family & help others achieve their dreams the same way I did mine.”

7.) Gary Ginzburg – @flightking

“Gary Ginzburg is the founder of @Flightking, a luxury travel agency focussed on finding deeply discounted international first and business class tickets, hotels and luxury ground transportation.  He works with celebrities, professional athletes, and influential thought-leaders, and has helped them save thousands of dollars through exclusive relationships with top-rated airlines and numerous 5-star hotels.  Some of his clients include @TimothySykes founder of @karmagawa, @Foodgod, @justtrain, @thedoctorj, @watchanish, @alyssalynch, @cristi_stone, @millionaire_mentor and many more.

Gary is also a travel enthusiast who’s traveled to exotic locations such as Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Buenos Aires, and much more. 

Aside from the travel world, he is a loving husband and father of 3 which he states is his constant “motivation”.

Watch for him to continue to make a huge dent in the travel world as he continues to grow and extend his services to everyone worldwide.”

8.) Jaelen Strong – @strizz

“Concrete Flower was founded by Jaelen Strong, a Philadelphia native, Arizona State legend and a former NFL wide receiver who retired after just 5 years due to injuries sustained during his football career. Jaelen would be prescribed pain medicines and opioids after surgeries which would ultimately send him into a depressed state of mind. These medications prescribed by the NFL doctors are given out like candy just so they can make it to Sunday. Abusing these pills can cause addiction, stress, anxiety, and depression. After retiring from the NFL, in 2019 Jaelen created his own CBD/Hemp brand to help serve our community and help people cope with mental battles we may fight daily.

Our mission at concrete flower is to produce the best products for the best prices that make our customers feel good all the time. We want you to be able to relieve your stress, anxiety, pain, and depression right here at your convenience. We will provide premium CBD and HEMP products such as premium flower, topical creams, CBD Vape Juice and much more with the best price points in the nation to serve our economy and community better. We want to give our customers the best service they deserve to their front door.”

9.) Joe Vargas – @hustler

An 8-year Navy veteran, former Las Vegas nightlife and media executive, Joe Vargas, 41, has always possessed an entrepreneurial motivation. He began the CBD website after selling or closing each of his nightlife-associated businesses, which included VIP concierge site and insider news outlet that worked closely with Robin Leach in 2013-2015. Once living week-to-week as a single dad in a Budget Suites after getting out of the Navy for 8 years, the Cimarron High grad became a millionaire through his nightlife endeavors in a span of 10 years.

But during a January 2015 trip to California, an industry colleague introduced him to the growing business of hemp and CBD production.

Vargas, who was looking for an escape from nightlife and media career, found his new calling.

“I saw it as my third life. I wanted something different and CBD provided that avenue. At the same time, I get to help people. It was perfect.”

After months of research on CBD, he set up in June of 2015 and officially bid the Las Vegas nightclub and media industry farewell with a going away party at Surrender nightclub, hosted by Lil Jon.

It didn’t matter that Vargas had “no idea” what he was doing when he whipped up a batch CBD-infused syrup for the first time in his father’s small kitchen. The product, marketed as Cloud N9Ne Syrup, was admittedly “not great” when it first went up for sale, he said.

Working up to 20 hours a day, Vargas multitasked as the company’s email customer service representative, phone sales representative, shipping department manager, social media manager and CEO.

“The perception of the company was that we had a few people employed,” he said. “But really it was just me as five people, getting help from my father and two kids.”

He didn’t have to look far to get some of his earliest and most influential real employees

Nahtaly Vargas was just 16 when her father started his CBD business. A junior at Arbor View High School at the time, Nahtaly was commissioned with younger brother, Joshuah Vargas, 11, to help pack and ship’s products. Nahtaly now 20 and Joshuah now 15 years old, they continue to help their dad run the business.

Four months after launching in 2015, Vargas brought in more staffers and a certified herbalist to help make his CBD syrup “stronger and cleaner,” resulting in the products still sold on his website today.

Nahtaly oversees the company’s factory in an executive-level position. She deferred her dreams of being a police officer or veterinarian to help manage Buy Legal Meds and hopes to one day take over so Joe Vargas can retire early.

“We were taking a chance at something we didn’t know too much about,” she said. “But it got easier over time.”

In 2018, Buy Legal Meds open Nevada’s first CBD Dispensary where they now have 7 locations across the Las Vegas valley. With plans to take the business nationwide as a franchise, Joe sets to raise his first round of funding for his business which he is currently looking to work with VC’s for. 

In 2019, Joe also bought for over $500k.

Needless to say, Joe and his companies are worth watching in the future in the hemp industry. 

Joe can be found on Instagram @Hustler or reached at

10.) Casey Adams – @caseyadams1

Casey Adams is an entrepreneur, and the host of Rise of The Young. His business podcast is a top 200 show, and he’s interviewed over 150 interviews including legends like Larry King. His curiosity is a driving force behind his success, and moving into 2020 you’ll see a lot more world class interviews coming soon.

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