The top 10 industries for graduates to find a job

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From Cosmopolitan UK

Despite your personal résumé probably ticking every box under the sun, it can sometimes feel incredibly hard to get a job in the industry that you want.

But there is some good news if you've recently graduated and are looking for a decent job: the UK’s leading independent job board, CV-Library, have disclosed the top sectors where job vacancies have increased the most year-on-year, making them the easiest to find work in.

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The Q2 job market report compared data from the last three months (April, May and June) to the same time period in 2016, and found that there were 14.9% more jobs being advertised this year - and the most growth has been in these industries:

  1. Manufacturing – 24% more vacancies year-on-year
  2. Charity – 21% more vacancies year-on-year
  3. Automotive – 20.4% more vacancies year-on-year
  4. Social Care – 18.2% more vacancies year-on-year
  5. Property Services – 16.3% more vacancies year-on-year
  6. Recruitment – 14.8% more vacancies year-on-year
  7. Engineering – 11.2% more vacancies year-on-year
  8. Design – 10.4%more vacancies year-on-year
  9. Agriculture – 9.9%more vacancies year-on-year
  10. Construction – 7.2% more vacancies year-on-year
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Interesting stuff, huh? So if you're looking for your first step on the career ladder or considering a change, have a look into any of the above for a better chance of nabbing a new job.

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