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Top 10 Most Influential Personalities in Entertainment

From big screen superstars to the men behind their success; from beauty queens turned international celebrities to talented actresses with opinions as sharp as their acting chops - here are India's Top 10 Most Influential Personalities in the entertainment space. Read on....

Top 10 Most Influential Personalities in Entertainment

These are the dream merchants whose every action and word is followed ardently by the millions who worship them. As part of an exclusive series, Yahoo India brings to you a ‘power list’ of the most powerful entertainers in the country.

Methodology: Ranking famous people as per their perceived clout in their respective spheres of influence is a tough task at the best of times. But for the purpose of populating this list, we have tried to be as objective and transparent as possible. The factors that governed our choices are as follows: measurable success in terms of hits and collections, visibility and standing in traditional and social media, achievements in the last 12 months, the impact they have they have made within the industry and outside it, and that intangible 'wow' factor that lends these people the Midas touch.

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