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Another temporary cooler would be ice-creams. There’s absolutely nothing as soothing as holding an orange bar in your hand and eating whilst the weather is unbelievably warm out! Ice-creams, especially water based ones, are great for cooling your body in this season and provide an immediate relief from the heat. But be careful not to eat too fast and give yourself a brain freeze!

Top 10 Summer Foods for 2019

With the arrival of summer comes the time of truth for the much targeted Summer Body! Summer also brings with it excessive heat and in some parts of the country humidity. This can be absolutely awful and stepping out of the house can feel like a nightmare. Too bad, we don’t get seasonal offs, isn’t it? We got to keep living our lives and running along the daily routines of our ever-packed schedules! Don’t worry though, we got you covered. We curated for you this list of food items that will help you beat the summer heat!