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2 Broke Girls

Watch what happens when overly perky, ex-millionaire Caroline Channing meets a broke waitress, Max Black!? A show that truly defines opposites attract, 2 Broke Girls is the story of Caroline and Max, their unlikely but strong friendship and their consistent attempt to start their own successful bakery! Full of sexual humour, quirky cast, relatable moments and delicious looking cupcakes, this show is definitely bound to crack you up!

Top 10 TV Shows to Watch in Your Twenties

Everyone talks about how your teens can be a period of massive change but yet no one prepares you for your 20s! Yes, I mean it, when you’re in your twenties, be prepared for life (as you know it) to transform before your very own eyes. You’re done with the age of incessant partying but you’re not exactly at the stay home alone and drink wine stage! What do you do?? We have the answer! Prepare for your Weekend Binge, call your friends and have a pizza party! And for this, we have specially curated a list of shows to watch in your 20s!