Top 3 Things You Should Avoid Doing While Wearing Make-up

Makeup lovers have their makeup routine that they feel they will never stray away from. But guess what wearing make-up all the time is not always a good idea as it can be really bad for your skin. That's why it is important to keep in mind some really important things that you should never do after your makeup session, at least for your face's sake. You are watching now you know. Watch this video for the list of things you should never do after wearing make-up.

• Sleep

It's very important to remove makeup before heading to dreamland because it can cause your skin some severe harm. At night your skin undergoes the natural recovery process – your skin renews and rejuvenates itself during sleep and when you sleep makeup applied on your skin, you are anyway preventing that process from happening.

• Exercise

Fitness lovers might be surprised to hear that it doesn't make any sense to wear make-up before hitting the gym. And if you have very sensitive & acne-prone skin, then working out with makeup on can lead to a lot of pimples on your skin. So, clean off your make up before heading to your gym.

• Fly (on the plane)

It is okay to wear make-up on short flights.However for the longer flights involving some amount of sleep, you should definitely avoid for the same reason you shouldn't sleep with make-up on.

At last, can also use good quality makeup remover to get rid of make-up.