Top 5 Benefits of Triple Pane Windows

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If you're considering getting new windows and doors in your home, there are a lot of choices to be made throughout this process. One of the most important of these choices is what kind of windows to get. Choosing whether you want single-pane, double-pane, or triple-pane windows is a difficult choice for many, but there is actually a clear best option among these three.

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There are a number of reasons you should choose triple pane windows over their single pane and double pane counterparts. If you're not sure why triple pane windows are better, read on!


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One of the major benefits of having triple-pane windows is that they are more secure than single pane and double pane windows. The reason for this is simple, really. The more panes that an intruder would have to break through to get in, the longer it is going to take.

This would give you more time to catch them in the act and call the proper authorities. It may not seem like a major difference, but triple pane windows are far more secure than other kinds of windows.


Triple pane windows allow less heat to escape during the winter months than other types of windows. This is not only helpful for allowing you to stay warm during the winter, but this energy efficiency will help you save money as well.

This also works in the summer, when air conditioning is necessary for a comfortable home but is expensive. Keeping heat and air conditioning inside instead of leaking out your windows is a great way to save some cash!

Lighting and Glare

Triple pane windows let a little bit less natural light into your home than windows with fewer panes. Although some might see this as a downside, it helps to eliminate glare from the sun. This makes triple-pane windows great in rooms with computers, televisions, or any other screen, as well as rooms such as reading rooms and art rooms where glare might be annoying.


Triple pane windows do a better job of not only keeping foreign noise out of your home but also keeping the noises that happen inside of your home in! Sound has a much harder time penetrating three panes of glass rather than one or two, whether it is going in or out. This makes them easily the best option for privacy purposes.


Lastly, triple pane windows come with a higher price tag, but this is not without its benefits either. They will increase the value of your home to some degree, which will be helpful if or when you want to put it on the market!


As you can see, there are many benefits to choosing triple-pane windows over single-pane windows or double-pane windows.

They may come with a higher price point, but you will soon see that money returned to you in the form of value for your home, as well as savings on your heat and air conditioning bills when the superb insulation of triple pane windows is helping you save money in the winter and summer.