Top 5 Benefits of Using a Mobile Auto Detailing Service During a Canadian Winter

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Ever get that sense that when you look good, you feel good? Well, taking care of your car is the same way. When you put some love and care into maintaining your vehicle, then it tends to last a little longer.

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As you likely know, Canadian winters can feel endless, harsh, and brutal with the potential to really do a number on your vehicle. Driving on icy roads treated with salt can then get into the undercarriage and all over the exterior of it, destroying the paint, causing rust, corrosion, and possibly leading to long-term damage.

Washing and detailing your car regularly is smart to do all year long but maintaining it in the winter is much more important because you need an extra level of protectant and “winterization” to keep your car running smoothly. Here is a further breakdown of the top five benefits to using a mobile auto detailing service to help get through a Canadian winter a little easier:

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  1. You’ll be able to see the road better.

It is not good when snowmelt and gunk builds up on your vehicle and then you find yourself in whiteout conditions. It then becomes essential to have bright, functional fog lights to be able to see the road and cut through the snow. An auto detailing company can come over and thoroughly clean your headlights so that you can be a little safer on unsafe blizzardy roads.

  1. You’ll feel more relaxed driving in a clean car.

No matter what the weather outside is doing, at least being in a warm clean car can give you an extra layer of comfort. A good mobile auto detailing service comes in and vacuums and shines the interior of your vehicle as well, getting all the crumbs out. Who doesn’t like to be in a clean car?

  1. Having clean wheels and tires ensures that they’ll last longer.

As mentioned earlier, the salt that workers use to melt the snow on the roads is highly corrosive and can cause permanent damage to not only the paint and the underpinning of your vehicle but also to the tires, hubcaps, and wheels. A quality auto detailing shop only uses the best products and special protectants with the goal of getting the most use out of your tires and wheels.

  1. Detailing your car increases its resell value.

Did you know that research shows that a clean, dent, and scratch-free vehicle can get up to a thousand more dollars when you go to resell it? A clean car shows that you took pride in maintaining it and may give buyers the extra confidence they need to take your vehicle off your hands. And how you take care of your vehicle in the winter can make all the difference in how much money you get back out of it.

  1. It’s nice to have a mobile auto detailing service come to you.

It’s no secret that it’s a bit harder to wash your car in the winter when the water freezes, and if you are miles away from an indoor car wash or garage then it might be practically impossible to give your vehicle the proper care it needs. It may be your only option to use a quality auto detailing company that comes to you, and the added convenience of that is priceless.

Final Thoughts

By getting into a regular routine of detailing your car, you will boost its potential to run better. Plus, clean cars leave a good impression on anyone who rides in them. So, what are you waiting for? Winter is here and with the holidays coming up you should schedule your mobile auto detailing appointment today. Your car will thank you for it!