Top 5 Fashion Trends of 2019


Fashion can be used as armor to survive in this modern world.  With just a few days to wind up 2019 a quick look at many trends that rocked 2019, and some of which will continue for the next year also. 

Fashion trends tend to change frequently, and what is fashion today may not be for long. And what is now considered as out of fashion may be the craziest fashion rocking the fashion world. 

Fashion trends do not limit with clothes and accessories, but also from decorations, food, and even travel. There are many fashion sites that not only able to predict the best fashion trends.  And to avail deals and discounts could be an idle one.  

Here’s your quick short of fashion trends!

As per the site Pinterest, there were many fashion trends of 2019 that evoked the maximum response from people to predict the fashion trends of 2019.  The top 5 fashion trends of 2019 given below will help you to catch them up in the next two months for Christmas or the brand-new year 2020.



  • Statement sneakers changed the way of wearing shoes


Wearing shoes were never so fun until these stamen sneakers became popular on Pinterest last year with searchers up by 2,211 %. They give the feel and comfort of tennis shoes without resembling them. It is the craze among many fashion shows and many models wearing them to make the best choice of customers worldwide. 



  • Oval sunglasses redefined its use with style


 Oval sunglasses, the new eyewear did not miss many eyes, and its searches increased by 591 % last year in the Pinterest site. Sunglasses are a symbol of fashion for long, from the supermodel and movie stars to any style loving person in the world. And this year, the oval sunglasses were the talk of the town and gave everyone a feeling of completeness to a look. It could add an immediate impact to any outfit you wear and get that fresh look much desire.



  • Sustainable fashion for social justice


Sustainable fashion is another search that went up by 34 % late last year. It was a hot topic in the fashion industry and continues in 2019 also. It is more of a movement of fostering change to fashion products towards ecological integrity and social justice.



  • Velvet is valued color for fashion trends now


Velvet is becoming the color of fashion not only for 2019 but also for 2020. Be it a shirt, skirt or any clothing, velvet has become the craze for youngsters now.



  • Black is the best always


But nothing could ever beat a simple black dress on any occasion and still is the king of fashion trends. 

The fashion trends 2019 and in that case for any year are determined by fashion gurus, trendsetters, movies, and other famous stars, bloggers, fashion journalists, and designers across the world. And there may be many new fashion trends surfacing to take the fashion world by storm.  


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