Top 5 Instagram trends in 2019


When it comes to becoming successful in Instagram, then you should worry because the competition is growing daily in it. In today’s date posting posts and videos with hashtags and posting regularly only does not make your Instagram account successful. 

So, if you are an influencer or using Instagram account just for growing business through social media then you must know the right trend and tools of Instagram for getting more followers and keeping them active. So, in this article, I’m going to share Top 5 Instagram tends in 2019.


  • Augmented Reality Story Filters 


This is one of the best and unique way to promote your brand. This is a program which is created by Instagram in beta at 2018 which allow 3rd parties like celebrities, brands, etc. to make their own AR for Instagram filter story. 

Instagram also allows to other 3rd parties for promoting themselves on Instagram.


  • Buying Direct on Instagram


With the help of Instagram people can sell their products online and the public can buy that product just by clicking on the Link after that they can directly purchase that product or buy Instagram followers and this makes users to directly buy the product.

This trend will continue in 2019 where people will purchase products via social media websites.


  • Stories Highlight


Instagram stories are much interesting but they are only visible for 24 hours. With this Instagram has launched a new feature of Stories Highlight in which you can highlight or save some best Stories for a lifetime and anyone else who visits your profile will be able to see Stories at the top of your profile. 

You can highlight stories for example, which promotes your brand and a story which has the most engagement rate which driving more peoples.


  • IGTV and Vertical video


The trend of sharing videos on Instagram has increased too much because of which Instagram launched IGTV feature which allows you to watch videos from your favorite creator for more than one minute or it lasts for an hour. Now, you will not be stick with 1-minute video or you can also post an hour video on your profile with this IGTV feature.


  • Influencer authenticity


With regards to teaming up with influencers as a brand, validness ought to be one of the most significant components to consider. It’s anything but difficult to get bunches of devotees on the off chance that you truly need to, yet the best influencers are the individuals who have genuine adherents, supporters who are truly intrigued by their substance: at the end of the day, influencers who have a genuine impact over their group of spectators.

Final Words

So, if you guys are also curious to know some of the Top Instagram trends of 2019 then we have listed some most famous and helpful Instagram trends of 2019 in this article. You can take a look at it.

So, I hope this article is helpful and informative too for you guys. If you have any doubt then comment below we will try to help you as soon as possible.

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