Top 5 Korean Dramas That Will Inspire You To Learn The Korean Language

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All K-Drama fans now has a dream to learn Korean language which is not so easy for those who don’t stay in Korea. K-Dramas is a perfect tool for listening and learning the language which also immerses you in Korean culture and their mannerism and also entertain you.

Here are some Top 5 K-Drama’s that will motivate you to learn Korean langauge.

1. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo tells the story of college weightlifter who is pursuing her dream of winning the gold medal but then finds love for the first time in her life. This drama in particular also has some “sporty” words and funny slangs.

2. My Love From Another Star

It’s the story of an Alien who arrived on Earth 400 years ago during the Joseon Dynasty period and he has physical abilities such as vision, hearing, and speed. Then he falls for Jun Ji Hyun, the biggest Hallyu star in Korea and things get complicated. He goes from a formal speech to more casual as time goes on, which is very useful to see the difference between the two tones. We can see speaks quite deliberately.

3. Drinking Solo

This drama is another example of learning everyday language and slang. It follows along with the biggest exam in South Korea so you can learn quite a bit about what Korean youth go through and say.

4. Coffee Prince

It’s the story of Han Gyulwho takes over a rundown coffee shop, to prove that he’s capable to his grandmother and Yoo Joo. He only hires good-looking male employees, to attract female customers. This drama has casual speech, cafe speech, romance speech, and more, but what really makes this drama interesting is the gender behind the words and the way it uses language makes it a must-see for learners as well.

5. Gourmet

This drama teaches you about many traditional Korean dishes. While you learn more about Korean culture and food, you pick up on some of the terms that are important staples.