Top 5 Maskproof Lipsticks 2021

Nishtha Gupta
·1-min read

As face masks became a daily reality, many women retired their lipsticks since our eyes were the only things on display. But if we are being honest with ourselves, we miss the power which lipsticks give us. It provides us an odd sense of confidence and relief which is inexplicable. Even if we try to paint our lips, the mask ruins it all as it is either smudged or blotted. But surprisingly enough, there are many liquid lipsticks available in the market for face mask wearers as they are long-wearing and smudge proof.
Here are our favourite and recommended lipsticks for you all!

1) Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Stunna Lip Paint in Uncensored

Cult-favourite Fenty Beauty’s lip paints provide amazing wearable shades with a long lasting finish.

2) MAC Cosmetics Powder Kiss Liquid Lipcolour

Powder Kiss has a whipped, mouss-like texture which lives up to its name with a cushiony cloud feel on your lips.

3) MAC Cosmetics Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour

This formula dries down quickly and stays on for long. But it’s always adviced to not eat oily foods as the oils tend to break down the lipstick formula.

4) NYX Professional Makeup Liquid Suede Lipstick

For an affordable option, NYX lipsticks are best. It fades evenly on your lips as the day goes on, so if doesn’t look messy but more like a flush of colour.

5) L’Oreal Paris Lightweight Matte Lipstain

It has a very lovely, matte finish which is definitely comparable to more expensive brands.