Top 5 Mistakes People Make with Their Custom Homes

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A custom home could be the dream of every family. It sounds fascinating to design and build your house from scratch. However, before you start the exciting journey, you can check our step to step guide to avoid the top 5 mistakes.

Vette the Builder

You’ll need a custom home builder. But they’re not all created equal. Talk at length to their references. Visit work they’ve done. Check their file at the licensing board. Compare your impression of each one. Can you work with them?

You’re going to be “living” with him throughout the construction process so choose wisely.

Decide Layout Parameters

The architect will do the heavy lifting of design, but he needs your direction. Does the master suite belong near the kids’ rooms or separate? Should the laundry room go upstairs by the bedrooms or downstairs near the kitchen? Is there a particular view you want from the living room or master suite?

This is when you imagine yourself in your home, going about your daily routines. Dream the dream!

Make a Budget (And Stick To It!)

People who want a custom home know what they can afford. That’s the starting point. But many questions come up during construction, usually in the form of added amenities or alternative materials.

It’s tempting to pamper yourself, but there’s a cost associated with changes. Keep your budget in mind!

Research Products

There are many products that go into a home. Each one requires your attention. Do you want travertine or marble on the foyer floor? Quartz countertops or concrete? Stainless steel kitchen appliances or wood paneling? Brushed nickel or matte black faucets in the master bathroom?

You must decide appliance brands. Quality level and price are the key factors.

There are sustainability features. Solar panels? Tankless hot water system? Programmable thermostats? And security features like external cameras? Security system? Electronic door locks?

It appears endless, but use your custom home builder as a resource. He knows the practical differences between products plus he has sources for each.

Stay Involved

Some homeowners turn things over to the builder and walk away from the process. That’s not how it works!

Regular meetings to review progress are the best vehicle for staying involved. Accumulate your questions and concerns between meetings. A full discussion will avoid the problems that occur when decisions are made piecemeal.

These meetings are best held at the build site. The architect and the builder will be able to point out issues and you can better visualize the implications of what they’re saying. Plus, you’ll feel the thrill of progress as you see your vision coming to life!

But don’t go overboard on your involvement. As any custom home builder will tell you, the over-involved client adds time and expense to the project. Not to mention aggravation. A moderate touch is best.

As you can imagine, these pitfalls don’t happen in a vacuum. The products you research affect the budget and require input from the builder. It’s a little messy, but the reward is the home of your dreams. Go for it!

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