Top Link Building Strategies 2020!


Top Link Building Strategies 2020

When you are trying everything to gain and increase your online visibility, consider Link Building into your strategy, which is already an integral part of SEO. A website without any links cannot be visible online or show up in the Google searches or even rank in competition with the other sites.

Link Building will continue to be the fundamentals when navigating the online world while ranking in competitive searches on Google. And here are the most crucial points to remember when you doubt investing your time into link building strategies.

Link building, for the most apparent reasons, creates and increase brand exposure.
Like any other online marketing strategies, link building also goes hand in hand with the others.
Link building helps in creating and propelling new relationships.
Link building was and continues to be one of the best strategies to improve a website’s online search visibility.
Google receives positive signals from Links, and hence it helps in improving an adverse backlink profile.

But Link Building is not that easy. Building Links is not an easy job, and hence people wrestle with everything to build and create needle-moving links to their websites irrespective of the strategies they use. Over the past decades, the face of the internet has witnessed several changes, and so has its approach and meaning. Earlier, Link Building was about quantity and not quality. But today, Link Building is a different game altogether. is highly experienced in link building, and their focus is always on the long term aspects of SEO

Working on a Link Building Strategy is a slow and gradual process. One needs to understand that they cannot randomly keep creating incoming links instantly. The quality and the Authority of the pages, where one builds the Links, play a significant role in determining how high the website is going to rank on Google Searches.

Using Strategic Guest Blogging as Link Building

When one consistently blogs, they are likely to get 434% more indexed pages and growing the inbound links 97%. Today more and more websites are adopting this strategy for its benefits. Blogs also generate 55% more visitors. Amongst blogging businesses, guest blogging is gradually gaining popularity. A key point to remember from the beginning is to clearly and tactically set your goal. If you set your goal as to drive more traffic to your blog, then your guest blogging efforts also should reflect and target the blogs who will send traffic towards your blog too. Because you are looking out for more links, it is necessary to search for a blog who will not only accept you as their guest blogger but also will read and share your guest posts on other social media platforms. At the same time, the owner and readers are also encouraging others to do the same. You want your guest post to be on trusted social media platforms so that once your website starts gaining exposure, people can link it back.

Be Active on Social Media

Today, social media is not only for staying in touch with your extended lost relatives and high-school friends, but it is much more. Social Media plays an essential role in your Link Building plan and the efforts you are putting into Guest Blogging. The entire marketing industry is revolutionised due to Social Media. You will do your brand no good if you are not active on social media. Keep sharing new posts, updates and activities on your social media platforms and be active. Stay connected to your fans and help find them what they wish to see by sharing your posts more and more on the various social media platforms. Even if you are new to social media, you quickly boost engagement once you come active on social media. As a result, you end up exposing your brand and the website URL, as you keep sharing your posts to a broader audience who share the same with their targeted audience. Hence gaining a larger audience.

Growing on your Brand

One of the most crucial aspects of Link Building is Growing your Brand. You are the representer of your brand; in short, your brand is you only. As you start gaining exposure and people start connecting with you and your brand, people will start recognising you naturally. That means, if you publish a blog, you may notice that you instantly gain authority links from other blogs. To earn a reputation, it all comes back to the quality of the content of your brand than quantity. You are likely to get more attention when you are continuously blogging.

If link building is a serious part of your SEO strategy, then one should take blogging very seriously. You are likely to get 97% more inbound links than any other approach while improving the ranking of your website.

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